Practice Report: 8/4

Miami hit the practice fields for the third time in as many days on Monday morning and was there to bring you the news and notes from today's session.


-Coach Shannon continues to stress competition in fall practice as the Canes have not shown any type of a depth chart so far. The players continue to shuffle between the 3 units.

-The team did a lot of 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 work in the red zone today.

-The offense and defense competed and both had their highlights.

-Ryan Hill, Lovon Ponder, and Chavez Grant all had interceptions.

-Kayne Farquharson had two touchdown catches and Sam Shields had a long touchdown reception.

- All of the early enrollees are getting a lot of time with the first and 2nd teams. Some of the fall arrivals have started to make an impact as well. Jordan Futch, Marcus Robinson, Vaughn Telemaque, Travis Benjamin, and Laron Byrd are also getting plenty of opportunities.

-The competition at center remains a four man battle between Matt Pipho, Xavier Shannon, A.J. Trump, and Tyler Horn.

Quotes from Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon

"We got a lot of run stuff corrected today. It was good tempo, a good practice. We worked hard on the running game and the flash and pass game today."

On freshmen playing

"Well, the guys who came in January, those guys will play. Just by attrition we have to have freshman play, Khalil Jones, Sam Shields, Kayne Farquharson, Leonard Hankerson are the only four receivers we have that played for us last year. So you have to find another four guys that can play. Another four receivers in some way, form or fashion will help us this year."

On the talent at the WR position

" We've got those guys. But we're not going to have a guy that we say is a Mike Irvin or Andre Johnson or Santana Moss that's going to play 60 or 80 plays. Now, those guys are going to get you the 20 to25 plays and we'll spread them around. They have the ability to make those plays in situations."

On the addition of Pat Hill and John Calhoun

"They add some toughness to the team. Last year we didn't have a fullback on the team. Now we have a John Calhoun, moved Eric Houston there, have got little Pat Hill. Those guys really like to block, get physical with guys, and it's helping us out. In the passing game it's been helping out also getting the fullback in the flat. They catch the ball three or four yards down the field, and most of the time people don't like to cover those guys and we turn it up and get a 10 yard gain. We're using the fullback a lot in this offense. Pat is doing well. He's blocking unbelievably, is a physical kid, and has good hands. Pat Hill in high school had 1,200 to 1,500 yards carrying the ball. He has running skills, good feet. When he went to junior college he became a fullback. He loves that spot and just does what is asked of him.

On what he wants from the QBs

"Time management. With the new clock change, the way it is now, they have to run the offense and not panic. Be calm, stay calm, get in and out of the huddle, set the plays, be able to execute the offense and don't give us a negative play. If we do those things we're going to be fine."

*** Coach Shannon did not talk about the academic situation of any of the freshmen that are still out.

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