McKenzie says he's a year smarter

Jermaine McKenzie had to sit out his entire first year at Miami while recovering from an injury he suffered last summer. Now back to 100-percent, McKenzie's looking to have a big year. He talked to about various things so be sure to read on to see what he's saying.

Is becoming a starter a goal of yours?
Starting is not a personal goal. My goal is to come out and work hard every day and help the team win. I don't look at whether I'm starting or not. I just come out here and do whatever Coach Hill and Coach Shannon ask me to do. That's my obligation. I just come out here each and every day to get better each and every rep and to help the team.

What is your weight now?
I'm at 176 now, getting close to 180. After the accident (last year) I was like 165. I just put in a lot of work this summer, worked on getting my strength back. Now I'm 100-percent ready to go.

What do you bring to the table as a receiver?
I bring smooth route-running. And as far as my playing, I think after redshirting I'm a year smarter. That's the most important thing. I think I'm a better overall player.

How do the quarterbacks look?
They all look great. Marve's Marve, Jacory, Cannon's doing good, even Taylor Cook is stepping up.

Talk about the freshmen receivers.
They're all special. They were all meant to be here. Everything is basically up in the air. There's not really anyone in particular that looks better than the others. They all come out here and work hard every day and get better.

What's it been like working with Coach Hill?
It's always good to work with Coach Hill. He always holds everybody accountable. He's a very good coach.

How much different is the offense?
I really don't like to comment on the offense. Each and every week it can switch. One week we'll be doing the short game, the next week we'll be doing deep balls. The offense is well balanced.

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