Streeter: "We are like a family"

Tommy Streeter is a talented freshman receiver who is off to a good start so far this summer. caught up with the talented newcomer to talk about a number of things and you don't want to miss what he's saying!

Q: What is the biggest difference from high school to college football?

A: The biggest difference is you have to be on time for everything and you have to be completely focused. You have to go full speed on every play and you have to work hard.

Q: Is it a tough adjustment not being able to go out there and out talent people?

A: Yes it is. You have to just go with the flow of the game and you can not get discouraged. You can not get down on yourself if you have not made a big play yet. You need to be focused on the next play.

Q: Do you think this group of WRs can restore the position to the level that Miami is used to?

A: Yes I do. We have a great group of guys. We have a great group of guys who came in and we have a good group of guys that were already here. The veterans are helping us everyday. They are helping us get ready. We are working hard as a group. We are like a family.

Q: What are your thoughts on the defensive backs at Miami ?

A: They are very good. They are a group of veteran guys and they have everything down pat. They help you with how to get off the line and with your cuts. They are a great group.

Q: Coach Shannon has mentioned that at least 4 freshmen WRs will get extensive playing time. Do you see that as a golden opportunity for you?

A: It is an opportunity, but I just have to do my part. I have to play to the best of my abilities and let the coaches worry about playing time.

Q: Are you happy about being part of such a talented group of freshmen or would you rather just stand out?

A: No I am happy to be part of that group. We compete everyday and are pushing each other to get better. We all help each other and we know each player has something to offer.

Q: What has been the hardest part so far?

A: The hardest part off the field is just you do not have a lot of time to do stuff. You are always playing, working out, or in meetings. You need to be on time and focused at all times. The hardest part on the field is running to every drill and just going through a non-stop practice.

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