Practice Report: 8/6

The Hurricanes hit the practice field again on Wednesday and was there for the action. Read on to see what's being said following day five of fall camp.

Quotes from Head Coach Randy Shannon

"It was the first day in pads today. The first day was pretty good. It was physical. We did a lot of stuff with the run game. It was more trying to establish the run game, first day in pads, let's get physical, try and understand what we're trying to get done. And also we try to do a lot of play-action with the receivers. Travis Benjamin did a good job today. And Laron Byrd did a great job also. The other young guys are doing well, but those two young guys stand out that did well today. Other that that it was a typical practice, and that was it."

On Antonio Dixon

"He was dehydrated, so we took him over to HealthSouth Hospital just to get more fluids in him."

On the competition between Javarris James and Graig Cooper

"It's great competition. Both of the backs are going to play. We're trying to establish that third and fourth guy because of injuries we had last year. We're going to play both of them. If we can go in and both guys can touch the ball 15-20 times that would be great. The touches can come in the passing game or by handing it off it is just a matter of getting the ball in their hands."

On JJ and Cooper's relationship

"They always do everything together. It's kind of funny, we see one of them in the weight room and the other one is in the weight room. And they're very good coaches on the field as far as trying to get young guys to understand what we're trying to get done."

On Jermaine McKenzie

"He's progressing well. He took a couple of shots the other day, yesterday in practice. When you take shots like that coming off the injury and he comes back the next day and does well that is a good sign. We're really happy about his progress."

On McKenzie's Role

"I don't know. Like I keep saying with these young receivers, we've got to play some of them. We only have four returning. If we can get another four guys and all of them can get 20-25 plays a game we'll be successful."

On the mindset of if it matters who the Canes play in the opener

"No, it really doesn't. Every team has a chance to beat you, so we have the mindset that everybody we play we have to start fast and finish. The biggest emphasis this season is we have to finish. We went back and evaluated what we did on film, what we did last season. And we had some games that we were up by 10 points, came back and didn't finish. Now the emphasis is finishing everything that we do."

On the fan's reaction on playing in a new stadium

"A stadium is a stadium. The loyal fans will be there. Since I have been at Miami we have always had around 30,000 season ticket holders. Then you have the west end zone and students, which will be there also. Now we have to get other fans to come out."

On if there is a timetable on when he would like to see separation at the QB position.

"No, not at all. You've got three scrimmages, so you have plenty of time to determine that. That's why I don't panic and try to rush into things."


-Antonio Dixon was taken to the hospital due to dehydration.

-Matt Bosher will be handling the kicking and punting duties this season.

-Gavin Hardin was cleared and is expected to fly to Miami today.

-Travis Benjamin had a pair of touchdowns today.

-Aldarius Johnson also had a touchdown reception.

-Chavez Grant had an interception today as he continues to excel in Bill Young's system.

-Kylan Robinson also had an interception.

-The kickers practice today at Dolphin Stadium so they can get accustomed to kicking off the infield.

-Billy Rolle and several members of his Miami Northwestern coaching staff attended practice today.

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