Grant off to a fast start

Chavez Grant is off to a tremendous start this fall, as it seems like he's coming up with big plays every single practice. caught up with Grant to talk about that, the team, and much more.

Q: How do you think the defensive backs are performing so far?

A: I am very happy with how we are progressing. We are out there competing and getting better every day.

Q: It seems that you have come up with an interception in every practice in the fall and spring so far. How have you been successful?

A: It is a combination of things. I think I have become a better player with experience and I am very comfortable out there now. The other thing is Coach Young's system leads to turnovers. We throw a lot of different looks at you and we try to create opportunities.

Q: What is it about his system that creates more chances?

A: We try to confuse the offense. We mix up blitzes, man coverage, and zone. He just trys to get you in the best position to make a play.

Q: How are you progressing since the Spring? Have you added any weight?

A: I put on 6 pounds since the spring. Everyone has gotten bigger and stronger. We have really worked hard. I am weighing 178 right now and I am running a 4.5 forty.

Q: What are your thoughts on the new receivers?

A: They have a lot of talent. Some of those guys can fly. Davon and Benjamin are really fast and guys like Aldarius and LaRon use their size very well. They are a very good group.

Q: How has your role changed since the season?

A: I am on the outside now. I am also more of a leader now. I am trying to help out guys like Brandon Harris. I am trying to be a mentor to him. I celebrate after every DB makes a play, but when Brandon makes one I get a little extra excited. I have to celebrate a little more for a Booker T. guy.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: I just want to win and be part of a great defense. Last year, we were not as good as a defense at Miami should be and we want to change that.

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