Hill knows his role

Patrick Hill signed with Miami this year from the Junior College ranks and he went through spring ball with the team. Projected to be the starting fullback, Hill brings to the team something it hasn't had in awhile -- a true blocking fullback. CanesTime.com caught up with Hill to talk about the team, his role, and more.

What's your current playing weight?
I'm 5-11, 255 right now. I'll play wherever I'm comfortable at. I don't wanna put a number on it. If I'm 260 and comfortable or if I'm 240 and comfortable (I'll be happy).

How is fall camp going so far?
It's going well for everyone. Everyone's going after each other. The intensity is real active. Everyone's been ready to go.

You ran for a lot of yards in high school. Are you comfortable with your role here yet?
I'm very comfortable. It's great to be able to do the things they do. Being heavier, you don't get as much respect from a lot of people. All the fullbacks -- Eric Houston, John Calhoun, and Joe Lucking -- we're all out here toughing it out, doing a job.

All the fullbacks have very limited experience. Talk about that.
It's good. It's gonna take time to adjust. We all have the same experience and we're all out here practicing hard.

Will it be tough not getting the ball much?
I'm a physical guy. I have no problem not touching the ball. Here, the fullback is definitely a blocker. I pride myself on that. I'm very physical and if I do touch the ball, it's a bonus.

Why did you go to a Junior College?
I had some offers to smaller schools, like 1AA and D2 schools. I thought I was better than that so I went the Junior College route. I wanted to stick it out and thought I was better than what I was being offered.

Was the Juco experience a good one?
It was a great experience. Those guys helped prepare me to be a Division 1 player. We would have 15 to 20 guys a year go play D1. This year we had 27 players sign to go somewhere.

Do you have a favorite fullback you model your game after?
I like Lorenzo Neal from the San Diego Chargers. I love watching him play. He's powerful, can block, can catch. He's all around a great guy.

What gets you excited out on the field?
I get more excited making a big block and watching other guys (run it). I have to get used to blocking day in and day out and play in and play out. That's the whole role of a fullback.

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