Practice Report: 8/7 am

The Canes hit the practice fields on Thursday morning for the first of two sessions today. was there and has a recap of what went down, including details on some players Coach Shannon singled out.

Quotes from Head Coach Randy Shannon

"Today was a physical practice. We had some goal line, short yardage scrimmage this morning. It was real, real physical. It was a good opportunity for guys to get reps, was pretty good."

On Gavin Hardin

"Gavin is flying in this morning, is cleared. We're waiting on two to three more guys left. It just depends. It's up to the Clearinghouse. When the paperwork goes in they just roll in. He's cleared, but you have to go through acclimation period. He'll be out at practice but won't be able to do different things."

On Micanor Regis

"Micanor's doing great. He's flying around. He's getting a lot of reps. The other day he showed flashes of being like a defensive tackle of what we had. But he's young. We have to get him out of the mode, sometimes he'll come off the ball and then he'll look like a typical freshman. But sometimes he'll come off and he'll cause havoc in the backfield. We're pleased with his progress."

On Regis will play this year

"If the season starts right now? Yes. He's doing a great job for what we need. We need him to play about 25 plays. If he can play five plays, rest about a quarter, go in, play another five plays, things like that, then we get his 25 plays out of him. So we're excited about him."

On A.J. Trump

"Trump's doing well. He's playing guard and center. We're resting guys at the offensive line. We're excited about the way his progress is going coming off his injury. He's feeling good about himself. But, like anything, we can't go in there and tell him to practice every day. Some days we'll take him out. He won't be injured. We're just taking him out because we have to be cautious about everything."

On Antonio Dixon

"He stayed overnight for tests, but everything they checked out was great. There wasn't anything major wrong with Dixon . Us knowing the situation here at Miami, we're always going to have precautions about everything we do. We're always going to think about the safety of the kid first and everything else second."

"Dixon was hyperventilating. He got excited during practice in the drill he did, his adrenaline got going and he got short of wind, short of breath. His body temperature wasn't beyond and above the normal."


-LaRon Byrd scored two more touchdowns, via Jacory Harris. Byrd was, again, singled out by Coach Shannon afterwards.

-Chavez Grant, Ryan Hill, and Sean Spence all had interceptions today.

-Leonard Hankerson scored a touchdown.

- Shannon said Antonio Dixon is fine and might even practice this afternoon.

- Shannon singled out Micanor Regis, who is getting a lot of reps right now.

-There's no word on the three incoming freshmen still waiting to be cleared. Gavin Hardin is expected to arrive in Miami later today.

-Marcus Forston did not practice. It wasn't injury related. Players get weighed after each practice and it had something to do with loss of weight.

-Arthur Brown also missed practice.

-The team worked primarily on goal line and short yardage for a good portion of the practice.

-A.J. Trump continues playing both guard and center.

-Allen Bailey and Eric Moncur are still out.

- Shannon said he won't begin to talk about QB separation until after the second scrimmage.

-Miami Northwestern had a few more coaches out there today. Several players and coaches from Naples High were there as well.

-The team will practice again this afternoon.

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