Harris excited to start the season

Jacory Harris is in the middle of a tight quarterback race at Miami and CanesTime.com caught up with him to discuss a number of topics as the start of the season is fast approaching.

Fans are already putting high expectations on the young quarterbacks:
Me, Robert, Cannon, and Taylor, whatever they're saying about being great quarterbacks, that can be put aside because we haven't even touched the field yet. Until we go out and do what we have to do to help our team win, then if they wanna name us that after the season, they can. Right now, we're just four regular kids looking for a spot, trying to strive to win a national championship.

Taylor Cook was the last one to arrive. Talk about his development.
Taylor is really impressing me. He's picked up the system like that. He didn't even really need any help. He's a really smart kid. We appreciate that and can learn from that.

How does it feel having some of the receivers you grew up with?
Coming from a personal standpoint, it feels good to have your homeboys there with you, the people you grew up with. Now that we're finally on the same (college) team together, we're back reunited. Now we know it's crunch time, time to make something happen. We're now representing Miami Northwestern, our families, and the University of Miami.

Coach Shannon has talked about using multiple quarterbacks.
We're still pushing each other to find the starter. Whoever is named the starter, whoever is gonna be behind him, the coaches know best. As long as the coaches are leading us in the right direction, we have no problem what their decisions are. Whatever quarterback gets the job, it's gonna be an exciting feeling no matter what when I run out of that tunnel and warm up.

People are talking about how the running game may have to carry the passing game:
I think the passing game will surprise people. They will underestimate us since we have four freshmen at quarterback. They don't know who's gonna be there and things like that. When you see our passing game, it'll open up the running game too.

You won your first state title in Dolphins Stadium.
If I'm not mistaken, the national championship is here too. It would be a great feeling to win my first state title, my first college game, and hopefully win the national championship there. But as long as the team is doing good that's all I'm worried about.

Just the Miami Northwestern crew would help make a pretty good team, wouldnt it?
No because we need everyone else that's on this team. We're not better than anyone else. We are the same as everyone else talent-wise. Across the board, we have a very good team. Everyone has surprised me. Every position on offense looks great and every position on defense looks great. I wouldn't know about special teams because I'm not on special teams. But ever since the spring, you can see the growth, everyone's gotten better. I can't imagine a team out there that has a family aspect like us.

Talk about Coach Shannon putting the names back on jerseys this year.
We've come together a lot. The names on jerseys are for parents and mothers, really. They wanna see their babies running out on the field so they can say, 'J Harris is my son'. It gives us separation in identity. We're all a family in orange and green, though. The names on the jerseys help excite us, make us work out and play, and to try getting our names out there.

How excited are you to run through that smoke for the first time?
It's gonna be great. I can't even imagine what it'll be like. I just wanna experience it. We're very anxious, very ready for the season to start so we can see how we do.

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