Shannon sees progress with scrimmage

After getting a chance to review tape of Saturday's scrimmage, head coach Randy Shannon spoke about something that has him excited about this year's offense. Read on for the details of what he's talking about.

Something about Saturday's scrimmage caught the attention of coach Randy Shannon. It wasn't the performance of any particular player or anything like that. It's the way the offense was able to finish plays and sustain drives. He talked about that.

"You know the thing that stood out about the scrimmage is last year we'd get in first down and 15, would automatically punt," Shannon said. "This year we're in first and 15, second and 12, second and 14 and we converted, kept the drive going and got some first downs."

Shannon believes it's little things like that which will continue moving Miami's offense in the right direction.

"I think that's the stepping stone of what we're trying to get done at Miami is learning how to finish," he said. "That was a big thing I talked about this season, is finishing what you get started. It was a negative play, but we finished, moved the sticks, got a first down. We have to continually do that on offense and I think we'll be successful."

The team will scrimmage again this Friday night, a time when the coaches will hope to see some separation in their quarterbacks.

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