Marve:"It's about finding yourself as a team"

The Hurricanes had their second scrimmage of fall camp on Friday. Read on to find out what quarterback, Robert Marve had to say following a day filled with big plays on both offense and defense.

Overall, what do you see need to improve upon?

With the offense, feeling comfortable and being able to go out there with the playground mentality and just play.

Where do you feel like you've really excelled (during camp)?

Just seeing the game and how fast it is, is slowing down in my eyes. I can use my ability to throw on the run or run in general, make my reads.

Coach Shannon harps on not turning the ball over and although you two (Marve and Jacory Harris) threw interceptions today, do you feel you are doing a good job in respect to turning over the ball?

Yeah, I think every coach I've had in my life told me to watch the turnovers, but I yeah, I think we are doing a good job.

Do you think (not making turnovers) is what will separate the quarterbacks in the competition?

I think it is going to be more about who plays better with the team is what will separate us. Also, getting rid of the dumb holding penalties or false start penalties on first and ten and taking advantage of more first and fives – more short distances – and using bootlegs and little play action on the ball.

We did a good job running the ball tonight with Lee (Chambers), Shawnbrey (McNeal), (Damien) Berry, Coop (Graig Cooper), and Baby J (Javarris James). I thought all of them ran the ball very hard.

Are there any guys that aren't being talked that you say should be talked about more that have done well in camp?

Pretty much all of the receivers. You saw Travis Benjamin tonight make a big play. All of those receivers have done a great job and have excelled.

What is the big difference with having more talent and depth (at receiver)?

More team building. Everyone will have talent at the Division 1 level, especially the ACC, so it is more about finding yourself as a team.

Has the team developed any kind of identity in the first couple weeks of camp?

Yeah, we are following our leader, Randy Shannon and playing as a team. We aren't going to start off as the number one offense or number one defense in the nation but we are going to be a great team together and that is how we are going to go at the nation. I feel great about where we are going and where we are headed.

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