Shannon: Benjamin was exceptional

The Hurricanes scrimmaged on Friday night and Coach Shannon singled out a few players because of their strong performances. Read on for the details of that, the entire scrimmage, and what Shannon believes it'll take for this team to be 'pretty good' this season.

What did you think about the team's performance in the scrimmage?

"It was a good day today. There were a lot of good things going on. The offense moved the ball up and down the field a little bit better than what they've been doing lately. They scored a couple of touchdowns. Towards the end of the game, the defense really picked it up and caused a couple of turnovers. We had maybe two interceptions tonight. We had a couple of drops from the young guys. For the most part, the offense moved the ball well. They executed. In the second half of the scrimmage, the defense really did well."

What did you think of the quarterback play?

"They did well. They did pretty good besides a few interceptions. The one with Jacory slipped out of his hand. Marve threw one later on in the scrimmage that was uncalled for. We had a 95 to 115 play scrimmage and only two interceptions."

With the season two weeks away, is the team where you want it to be up to this point?

"Never because you always want to be better. That's the one thing about it. You always want to be better. We've just got to be better all the time. We're in the right process. We're doing things the right way. If they stay focused, we're going to be pretty good."

How did the kickers do tonight?

"Bosher missed one tonight. Jake made a field goal and Bosher missed a field goal. I think they made three extra points."

You got a good look at Lee Chambers and Shawnbrey McNeal tonight. What did you think of the running backs performance tonight?

"We've got to find depth at running back. We've got six guys but we can't get caught like we did last year when we ran out of running backs. The more we can get those guys work, the better we will be. They're doing a great job of picking up the offense. We'll be okay. Damien Berry and Lee Chambers really ran the ball well. I think Lee scored a touchdown and he ran the ball very tough. Shawnbrey scored also but I think Lee ran very well."

How did Travis Benjamin look in tonight's scrimmage?

"He had an exceptional night tonight. He caught the ball well. He scored a touchdown that was about 60 or 70 yards."

Benjamin seems to be really impressing. Will he definitely be getting playing time this season?

"Barring injuries. He's made a lot of plays. If he can keep getting better, we will make that decision when the time comes but he has been making a lot of plays."

What do you like most about Benjamin, his hands or his speed?

"Both. He's very, very fast. I remember watching Travis when he played Northwestern in the jamboree. He caught a hitch route and went 90 yards. That hasn't changed. Anytime he can get one on one with somebody, he can go the distance. That's the kind of players that we need on this team."

Did Cannon Smith get any time in the scrimmage?

"Yes he did, he got a series. 18 plays maybe. He moved the ball well like he always does. He's just got to keep getting better."

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