Relationship among QB's is much improved

Jacory Harris was under center for the first 15 plays of tonight's scrimmage. The freshman led the Canes offense on a scoring drive that was capped by a Shawnbrey McNeal touchdown. Read on to get Harris' thoughts on tonight's scrimmage, his relationship with the other quarterbacks, and more.

How do you feel like you've done in the first two weeks of camp?

"So far, in the first two weeks, I feel like I've progressed a lot from the spring. I'm actually comfortable now with the plays. Basically, I feel like I'm a sophomore or junior."

What aspects of your game do you think have improved?

"Coach Nix has been working with us on booting and getting out head around. When we do that, we can see the blitz quicker off the edge. It makes us quicker on our throws. I think I've gotten better with the team, with confidence in the plays and the things that I'm going to do."

You threw a freak interception in the plays we were allowed to watch. The ball seemed to slip out of your hands. What happened there?

"As soon as it slipped out of my hand, I felt like I had a string on my hand and tried to snatch it back but I couldn't. It was a turnover so I had to go make the tackle to keep the points off the board. I had to go through about five or six guys. I had to stiff arm and jump over them but I eventually made the tackle."

How has your relationship with Robert Marve grown over your time at Miami?

"I'm not going to lie. In the spring, me and Robert, we just knew each other. Now, Me Robert, Cannon and Taylor, you can see us going out to restaurants together and eating together. Anything they need, I got them and anything I need, they got me. We basically take care of each other. We're basically like family and friends right now."

What's a typical day like for Jacory Harris and Robert Marve?

"On a typical day between me and Robert will come up here and watch film. We'll walk to the cafeteria and get lunch. Sometimes, if we don't want lunch, we'll go sign in and on our days off we'll go to Chicken Kitchen or go get some buffalo wings with all the quarterbacks. We'll have like a little quarterback outing."

Do you still spend a lot of time with the Northwestern guys?

"Yeah, that's my roommate. Aldarius is my roommate so I've got to spend a lot of time with him. They're my best friends."

Robert Marve threw a touchdown to Travis Benjamin. Could you describe the play?

"It was something as simple as a screen. It was just a screen pass. It was something that was thrown two yards behind the line. Marve put it into his playmakers hands. All you've got to do is let them do the work. He just found a hole. Going threw practice and looking at all the other screens, we've never seen one where it was just a straight line. I guess it was his speed that made that hole open up like that."

Is Travis the fastest player on the team?

"Yes, he is the fastest guy on the team. He's clocked a 4.26 twice."

Travis had a great scrimmage. Did any of the other receivers shine as well?

"All of our receivers shined today. All of them did well. We had a couple of drops but nothing major. Nothing we can't work on."

These scrimmages help the offense adjust to game situations. How has the offense been picking it up?

"The offense has been picking it up real well. We've gotten comfortable with each other. That's basically the main factor right now, earning each other's trust, and that's something that we've been doing."

Of the plays we got to see, most were running plays. With the quarterbacks all competing for the starting job, do you feel like the coaches need to call more pass plays to let the quarterbacks showcase their ability?

"I think the play calling is perfectly fine because we've got to run the ball to open up the pass. Plus, we're freshmen quarterbacks so I guess Coach doesn't want to put too much pressure on us early in the game. We want to put it in our older guys' hands, let them take care of the ball and run the ball. Then we'll open it up with a couple of pass plays after."

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