DT has big scrimmage

The Hurricanes conducted their second scrimmage of the fall on Friday and one of the highlights came the DT Joe Joseph. Read on to find out what he is saying about his night and more.

Describe your big play (a 25-yard interception return).

It was great. It was my very first interception. I just seen the ball and went "OOOOH" and just reached up and grabbed it and took off and ran as fast as I can trying to get a touchdown. I had to get outside for contain an I had seen the quarterback roll outside so I went back and tried to make a tackle but reached up and grabbed the ball and took off running. I thought I was moving pretty good until the end.

Were you upset that a 185 pound guy (Jacory Harris) was able to take you down?

Yeah, a little bit. I haven't gotten a touchdown in college yet. I didn't even know who tackled me until I went to the sideline and people told me.

How close are you guys to being ready (for the season opener)?

Everyday we come out here and work trying to get focused and work on (the playbook). I feel a lot better.

What do you feel you need to improve on?

I feel we need to work on eliminating the busts and come out and give more and more effort.

How has the defensive tackle rotation looked so far this fall?

I've been alternating between the ones and twos. We have a good rotation now of six defensive tackles and ends and everyone is playing hard and good so the rotation is strong right now.

Is there anyone you feel you play stronger next to at defensive tackle?

I feel great playing alongside of everyone because they all go out there and give 110%, so I feel good playing alongside anyone there.

Has anyone else been stepping up alongside the defensive line?

Marcus Forston made a couple big plays and Dix (Antonio Dixon) came through with some big plays.

How have the upperclassmen been working alongside the young guys?

We have been teaching (Micanor) Regis and Jeremy Lewis and bringing them along, showing them the ropes on and off the field. They are two young guys.

How has Jeremy Lewis come along since being cleared?

He has just gotten into the program so he is doing good. He has the talent, he just needs to get the plays down and memorize the plays. He is real big and real powerful, he'll be great on run stopping.

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