Benjamin reflects on scrimmage, fall camp

Travis Benjamin is one of the freshman wide receivers getting rave reviews from coaches and teammates this summer. The speedy receiver from Belle Glade, Florida did not disappoint in Friday's scrimmage as he used his speed to take a screen pass from Robert Marve about 60 yards for six points. Read on to get Benjamin's take on the scrimmage, fall camp, and more.

Coach Shannon says you had an excellent performance in the scrimmage. How do you think you did out there?

"I had a decent day. I've still got to keep getting my game straightened up."

How many catches did you have in the scrimmage?

"I had two or three catches on screens and hitches."

You scored a touchdown on a screen from Robert Marve. What was the play like?

"It was about 60 yards. We ran a little screen play. I caught the ball and turned up the field."

Did anybody touch you on the touchdown play?

"I just caught the ball and saw an open lane. I knew with my speed that I had to hit it."

How does it feel to score untouched? Are you used to that?

"Yeah I'm kind of used to playing like that. When I catch the ball and see an open seam, I know with my speed I can go through it and not stop."

Did anybody get close to you at all on that play?

"I don't know. I didn't look back until I was looking at the goalposts."

Coach Shannon has talked about your success throughout camp. Do you think you should be a starter?

"I don't think I should be a starter. We're all a team. We're a receiving corps. Everybody is doing their thing. I think if I keep doing what I'm doing, maybe I'll get some rotations in."

It's just pre-season camp but has the transition to the college game been easier than you expected?

"I know I had to come to college and work hard. In college, you have to work harder than in high school. I know that since I am a freshman, everybody is going to underrate me. I know I just have to work hard at my position."

Do you think you have impressed the coaches so far?

"I think I've impressed most of the people because I've come in and been making plays."

Who else did well in the scrimmage?

"Some receivers and our defense did pretty good. The receivers were making plays, catching balls, and getting first downs. First downs are the key to winning games."

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