DVD trying to move up the depth chart

DeMarcus Van Dyke is one of the top corners for the Hurricanes defense. After getting extensive playing time as a freshman, Van Dyke will be asked to perform at an even higher level in hi sophomore campaign. Read on to see what DVD had to say with just two weeks left in fall camp.

How has your adjustment to Coach Young's defense been going?

"It's coming along. I'm trying to get used to the defense and get my technique better. Coach stresses technique. He wants me to improve my back pedal so I'm working on that."

What unit are you working with and how is the cornerback rotation looking so far?

"I'm on second team right now. When we go to nickel, me and Brandon (Harris) come in. I'll be the corner and he'll be the nickel back. In dime, it would be me, Brandon, Chavez (Grant), and Bruce (Johnson)."

What did you think of Travis Benjamin's touchdown Friday night?

"He reminded me of Ted Ginn with how he caught the pass and just ran up the middle. He's just so fast. When he caught it, I thought we had a shot at him but he just split the defense and went like 55 yards with it."

Many say Travis is the fastest player on the team but you're pretty fast yourself. What is it like trying to keep up with him?

"In practice, I try to go up against him because his speed is good. He does a bunch of routes and I try to stay with him so I can keep my coverage with him."

How did the quarterbacks look Friday?

"The looked very solid. They had a couple of drives and a couple of big scrambles, a couple of big third down conversions. They showed their true colors today."

In addition to Joe Joseph's pick of Jacory, Robert Marve threw an interception Friday. Who made that pick?

"Brandon Harris on a good diving play. I think Cannon threw an interception too. I'm not sure who threw the interception to Randy Phillips but I know he had an interception too."

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