Epps: TE's are coming together

Dedrick Epps will forever be remembered by Hurricanes fans for his game winning touchdown catch in last year's game against Florida State. The junior tight end looks to add more highlights to his career in 2008. Read on to see what Epps has to say about this season.

Tuesday was the final scrimmage of camp. How did the tight ends do?

"We had a lot of blocking. We blocked well tonight. Tervaris Johnson he had a catch tonight. It was about 15 or 20 yards."

How do you think you're doing and how are the tight ends rotating?

"I think I'm doing well. I'm just working on my blocking and the little things. Somebody just starts and we rotate from there. We don't have a set starter right now. As a unit, we're just coming together and working on the little things. We'll be ready."

Has the offense changed to get the tight ends more involved this year?

"Yeah. They look for us more. If the receivers are not open, they will check down to us. We help them out a lot more now."

Are there any plays where the tight end is the primary receiver?

"Yeah. Coach Nix drew up a few plays like that."

The offense was said to have played very well Tuesday night. What was the difference between this scrimmage and the other scrimmages?

"We had more touchdowns and less penalties. We also had less dropped balls and less turnovers than the last scrimmages. We just improved on that."

Some guys have said that you guys scored around 7 or 8 touchdowns in the scrimmage. Is that true?

"I don't remember the exact number but we scored a lot."

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