Grant excited about this year's secondary

Chavez Grant has been one of the Hurricanes' top performers at cornerback the past two seasons. His game saving interception against Nevada two years ago is just one of many memorable plays the junior cornerback has made while at Miami. Read on to see what Grant has to say about the defense in 2008.

The offense had a big day last night and some guys have been saying that the defense made a lot of mental mistakes. Can you give an example?

"A lot of penalties. We had a lot of offsides. Stuff like that is mental. It doesn't take anything to line up right. We had a couple of blown coverages where safeties weren't staying deep. We just have to have each others back. We made some mistakes but we came back and kept fighting. We made a lot of good plays too. Football is a bunch of ups and downs. The offense just had a couple more ups than we did."

What do you think about the receiver play over the course of camp?

"They did good like they always do. We are always going at it. We're just competing. Sometimes we make plays and sometimes they make plays. They had a couple deep balls. They did very well. They caught a lot of passes. Hank (Leonard Hankerson) caught a screen and turned it into a touchdown. You've just got to congratulate those guys because they keep fighting. Some days they're going to have good days and some days we are."

Derron Thomas seems to have had some success against you guys. What did you think of his performance?

"Derron made some good plays. We know how he is and we expect big plays from him. He made a lot of good runs and he broke a lot of tackles. That's great on his part but a lot of times we wrapped him up in the backfield and took him down. It's just a lot of up and down. He made plays and the defensive line made plays too."

You were primarily a nickel and dime back the pats two seasons. This year, you seem to have locked down one of the two starting cornerback jobs. How has the move outside gone for you?

"It's a big change from having to deal with a lot of motion and a lot of check calls on the inside and filling run gaps and things like that. I'm out on the corner now and it's a lot more one on one. We have great guys. We have Brandon Harris. He's stepped in at nickel. He's doing a phenomenal job. He's stepped in like a champ and he's playing it very well. He knows everything. We've got great corners in me, Bruce (Johnson), (DeMarcus) Van Dyke, and Carlos Armour. We've got great guys everywhere and everyone is stepping up and playing their role."

Is the move to starting corner something you're looking forward to or are you more comfortable playing the nickel spot?

"Of course, that's what everybody wants to be. Like you said, I played a lot of nickel and dime, and I accepted that as my role. I went in when it was time to play nickel and dime and I gave it my best. That was my role and that's what I did. If my role is to play corner every play then that's what I'll do."

Have you done anything to help Brandon Harris learn how to play the nickel?

"Brandon Harris is coming in and doing real good. He came form Booker T. too. I spend a lot of time with him teaching him what I know. I do that with all the guys. I do that with Van Dyke too. He's a little younger but I'm trying to teach him whatever I know. I'm learning from Bruce. He's a little older than me. We're just teaching each other. We're just trying to help each other. That's the only way we're going to get better."

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