Hankerson makes a statement

Leonard Hankerson wasn't happy with his performance in Miami's first two scrimmages so he set out to have a big night in the final scrimmage. Three touchdowns later, he accomplished that. CanesTime.com caught up with Hankerson to get his thoughts on that, the offense, the quarterbacks, and much more.

Q: How good was it for you to have so much success in the final scrimmage?

A: It was a great thing. I was not happy after my last 2 scrimmages and I wanted to have a good day. I felt I did that. I think I showed what I could do.

Q: Was this the best the offense has looked this fall?

A: Yes. I think so. We had played hard in every practice and we had some good things happen, but today we had a complete day. We did not have any turnovers and we put the ball in the end zone a little bit.

Q: What does it do for the offense to score a lot of touchdowns and not have a single turnover in your last scrimmage?

A: It was really big for us. It is a confidence boost for us. It lets us know what we can do. We know we can get the job done.

Q: How are the receivers progressing?

A: We are doing well. We are out there competing everyday and trying to make plays. We are listening to our coaches and having fun.

Q: The defense is dealing with some injuries. How are they doing this fall?

A: The defense is doing well. They are doing what they have to do. They work really hard and they are coming together as a team. I feel we have a very good defense.

Q: How do you think the Quarterbacks are doing?

A: They are doing well. They are making all the throws. They are doing a good job of reading the defense and giving us the chance to make plays. All three of them are progressing well.

Q: How excited are you guys to start the season?

A: We can not wait. We are very excited. We know it is 9 days away and we have to keep working, but we can not wait for Thursday.

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