Futch: We must earn our U

Jordan Futch is one of the talented young linebackers new to the Hurricanes this season. Futch, along with Sean Spence and Arthur Brown, appear to be the future at the linebacker spots for Miami. Reports out of camp this year have some thinking the future may be sooner than we think. Read on to see what Futch has to say about being a Hurricane and playing linebacker at UM.

What do you think you've improved the most since you arrived on campus?

"I've improved the most in reading offense and tackling. I was a big tackler in high school but I know Coach Barrow really emphasizes tackling. I think I've improved my tackling technique and doing my job. I've learned to do my job a lot better."

What are some areas that you feel you really need to work on?

"Just doing your job and stop trying to do everyone else's job. We've got a young d-line. We've got a lot of freshmen playing right now. It's hard trying to work around it but you've just got to do your job and do it to the best of your ability."

Which of the older guys have helped you adjust to the collegiate game?

"Really all of them. Glenn Cook has been a big help along with Darryl Sharpton, who plays my position at SAM, Colin McCarthy, Spencer Adkins and Romeo Davis. Those guys have really taken us under their wing. Before we have a question, they come and make sure we've got it down. They know we have to come in and play just as much as they do. They're really helping us out a lot."

How are they sharing the reps between the veterans and the young guys?

"I think coach tries to even it up. We're trying to get a lot of the young guys playing time. I think it's pretty even right now with all the young guys getting the same amount of reps and the older guys really helping and coaching us up so we can see what we can really do."

What's the biggest adjustment you've had to make from high school to college ball?

"Everyone always says the speed. I think it's the aggression. I've always been an aggressive player but I think here everyone is aggressive so you've got to match their aggression with yours. You've got to get out there and go a little bit harder and hit a little bit harder because everyone is bigger, stronger and faster."

Were you satisfied with the way the defense played in the last scrimmage?

"I think you're never satisfied when you get a couple touchdowns thrown on you. The fact is, we're all going to work hard and get the job done. That's what we preach. No excuses and get the job done. There's never an excuse and we're never satisfied."

Did Coach Shannon come down on you guys a little bit for your play?

"I think that's Coach Bill Young's job. Coach Shannon is the head of the offense and defense so he's going to give congratulations where congratulations are due but he's going to keep it real. I think Coach Bill Young really got out there and told us that we've got to do better and just get the job done. He said we did real good though. Everybody is getting their assignments and considering we have so many young guys, we're doing really good."

Yourself along with Sean Spence and Arthur Brown appear to be the future linebackers at Miami. Do you guys talk about being the linebackers of the future at all?

"I don't think it comes up so much but I think you just know it in the back of your head. I've spoken with Sean and Arthur about it. It's really exciting. We have such great teachers in Coach Barrow teaching us and being a great linebacker here and playing so many years in the league. Coach Shannon was a linebacker here. I think we have a lot of leadership and a lot of guys that can show us the way. I think that helps out a lot."

You have a very interesting haircut. What made you decide to get a U cut into the back of your head and who did it for you?

"A guy named Steven. He has a place called Get Right or Get Left. He cuts me and Big O and a lot of the other football players. He'll come to the dorm and cut us. He does me, Big O, Coop, Robert. I got this about three or four days ago. I got it because of my love for the U. I grew up loving the U and since I can't get a tattoo yet, because I haven't earned my colors yet, I figured I'd go ahead and throw a U on the back of my head."

You think you have to earn your U?

"Most definitely. It's like a fraternity. You have to earn your colors and earn your brand. Just like you have to earn your brand, you have to earn your colors out here and earn your U."

When do you think you will have earned your colors?

"I'm planning on getting one maybe after the year is over with. Hopefully I'll get a lot of playing time and I'll earn my colors. The guys will let you know if you earned your colors or not."

Is playing here as good as you imagined when you were growing up?

"It's really breathtaking to tell you the truth. I came out here and I was really hyped and I was looking out and seeing the guys and I was like ‘I'm a University of Miami football player.' It's really absolutely breathtaking. It's one of the best experiences of my life. With the whole situation I had, just being out here and playing with these guys. It's just one of those breathtaking experiences that I can't explain to you."

Do you think you'll be able to play in the first game?

"Most definitely. I think I've been playing up to par. The playing time is really open right now and they way it's looking on the depth chart, I think we'll all get PT at linebacker. I could play at linebacker and special teams. I'm on special teams too."

What is it going to be like when you get off the sideline for the first time and enter a game?

"That would be what you call a dream come true, an absolute dream come true. A lot of fans wish they could come out of that smoke and see the fans in the stands and feel the breath of air around the stadium. I really can't wait for it."

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