Harris reacts to being named starter

Jacory Harris will start the first game of his collegiate career on Thursday against Charleston Southern following a suspension of Robert Marve. Read on to hear what Harris has to say about the situation and what it means for the University in the upcoming weeks.

How do you feel about being named the starter?
Right now, we are just trying to go out there and win against Charleston Southern and do what is best for the team. Right now I am doing everything for the team. Whatever coach says, I'm doing. I am a team player, 100%, and we'll go out there and work against Charleston Southern. We'll go out there just like it is any other game, I'm penciled in and now I just have to go out there and make some passes. I just take it as I need to make something happen in the first game.

Are you excited?
I am excited because it'll be my first college game. I take everything one by one, take it day by day. Everything will work out. Coach Shannon will make a great decision.

It'll be a regular game. Like practice, go out there with no pressure. Just have the team behind me. As long as I have the team, the fans, and the coaches behind me, I'll do alright.

I am not the type of person that will get too excited. I just let things happen as they happen and come out with positive outcomes.

Describe how far you've come and what it is like to win a state championship on the same field you'll begin your college career at the University of Miami.
Coming from HS to this point is a big accomplishment and I am glad that I did. You know, it has been a good opportunity so far. It is just like a regular stadium. The only difference will be the big crowds and the colors.

What do you think of the philosophy of having one starter?
Whatever coach Shannon says go. He is a great coach and makes things happen. I am happy to be hear and have a great opportunity.

How will you feel if you have a great game and then the next week the other guy comes out struggling.
Once against, I am a team player, not too worried about what is going on the in future.

When did you hear about the news?
I heard around the same time. Wasn;'t in the same room. I just need to go out and have a good first game and prepare mentally and physically.

What is the most important thing you will have to remember when you are out there for your first game?
I am just going to go out there and put the ball in the hands of the playmakers. I'm not out there to make big plays, just give it to the players and let them make the plays. I am just playing my role.

What is your weight at right now?
At my last weigh-in, I was 187 pounds. I was at 168 pounds last season.

What in life has set you up for this moment?
Going through HS really helped me, fighting adversity.

Describe the relationship between you and Robert (Marve).
Me and Robert are great friends, that'll never end.

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