In His Words: A.J. Highsmith

A.J. Highsmith is one of the top quarterback prospects in the state of Texas this year and the Sugar Land (Hightower) standout will be writing a weekly blog for Read on to see what Highsmith is talking about.

Entry No. 1

Okay it's Sundy August 24th, 2008 and the first day of school is tomorrow for us in Houston, Texas. I am really excited about football season and the Miami Hurricanes as well as my own senior season.

My first game is against Eisenhower High School, they are a team with great size and speed all over. I've been breaking down film of their defense and the standout safety Craig Loston. They have many, many strenghts and some things we can try abnd take advantage of.

Everyday I come to school an hour early (7 a.m.) to watch tape of their defense and breakdown coverage, fronts, personel, etc.

This is also a big week for "The U". It is the start of a new beginning, lots of young kids as well as the team and the staff have high expectations. Hopefully the team will be crisp and sharp and can limit mental mistakes.

But, wrapping up my week, I am very excited about my big game. I spend countless hours preparing day in and day out. I've been waiting an entire summer and my whole life for my senior year.

If there are any questions or things you would like to know feel free to ask.

A.J. Highsmith
~Go Canes~

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