Baby J's: 'New place already home'

Javarris James had a lot to say following Thursday's 52-7 win over Charleston Southern. Read on to see what he has to say about one of his performance and some big nights from some of his team mates.

Talk about the game tonight and how the team was solid on both sides of the ball.
One of our main focuses this year was finishing games that we didn't finish last year. We'll come out good (but fall flat). Tonight, we came out, played hard, and started fast and we finished. That was our main goal. We got to keep being aggressive and finish every game.

How nice was it to battle someone in a different uniform?
Finally got a chance to hit someone else. We've been beating each other since August 1st, but it was definitely a good time. Guys were flying around. When it's a game time situation, the aches and bruises go away for those three hours. Guys played hard on offense and defense. They really made me proud tonight.

Talk about Jacory Harris and the poise he had in the huddle tonight.
He was calm. Like I told him, "just think about that school you played out in Texas." It is sort of a game like that for him. He came out in the locker room and you can see him just being Jacory. I call him every night and he is just focused on studying his playbook making sure he has everything right. He did a good job, I'm proud of him.

Can you talk about Spencer Adkins tonight.
I told these guys, that when I saw him at defensive end – he played defensive end in high school – for two or three years and once I saw him get off the offensive tackle and get a sack (tonight), I told everyone I've been seeing him do that for years. He works so hard, and the fact that he is from the area I'm from - and anytime there is a player from my area, home team or opposing team, I always want to support them and see them do good. I haven't seen him do what he did during practice. It must have been some adjustment. He really showed up.

Did he say anything to you on the sideline?
No, but I said to him it reminded me of high school.

What kind of advice would you give the young kids entering that stadium as a freshman?
I don't have to give any advice. If you weren't pumped for that game then you just can't.

Is it going to take a while to make Dolphins Stadium feel like home?
This place is already home. All we do is think about playing in the NFL and since the move it feels like we have an opportunity to do both (play in college and the NFL). The locker room, we can't stop talking about the locker room, it's amazing. The fans came out and showed us a lot of support and it feels like home. When we first got here guys had to go and get directions, like how to get to the field, but this place has a good feel.

Everyone talks about home field advantage, but doesn't that come when you win?
Most definitely. The student section was going crazy. We definitely want to keep those smiles and that energy in this place.

Tell us about the locker room.
You got the cushion seats. More space…a little more room. The bathroom and shower are real nice. (The carpet) is beautiful, man. (I've looked at the jumbotron) more time than I can count, to tell you the truth. I caught myself looking at it during the first drive, definitely on the sideline. I was looking at the jumbotron more than I was looking on the field. We got those little HD TVs too.

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