Adkins Unleashed!

Spencer Adkins burst onto the scene last night in his new role under Bill Young's defense Thursday in Miami's 52-7 win over Charleston Southern with two sacks. Read on to see what he had to say following the game.

Have you ever seen a kid, like Jacory Harris, at his age command a presence like he has?
Not at the quarterback position, I haven't. He definitely displayed that tonight. He did a great job.

Talk a little bit about your background.
Coming out of high school I played defensive end and a little linebacker. When I came in here, all I've played is linebacker. Before this year it was outside and this year the inside.

Did you ever feel lost in the shuffle because there are so many guys?
Nah, I'm always ready to play. It's good to see a lot more guys, it made the competition better and that makes us all better.

How did go out there and hit some people in other jerseys tonight?
Oh man, that is always fun. I like to be physical so it was a great time. I was having fun playing football again. In camp, we were tired of hitting each other, so finally it was a chance to hit somebody else.

Talk a little about your new role under Coach Young.
I'm a senior, so I have a different mentality now. I am calm and collected and focused at the same time. We have a lot of veterans on this team, so that is why a lot of the defensive plays looked so good. We have been there before and we've been there and made plays. The chemistry is there and we are all buddies.

How have you taken that senior leadership and tried to transfer your knowledge to the young guys.
Most of our freshmen are real mature. They look at you and take what you say and really listen, they really want to be good and that is a great sign.

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