UM coaches aware of Florida's speed

The Hurricanes play Florida next Saturday and the Miami coaches are fully aware of how much speed the Gators bring to the table.

Head coach Randy Shannon took some time on Friday to talk about Miami's upcoming opponent.

How important is next weeks game?
A: It's just a regular game

Do you expect Urban Meyer to run up the score?
A: I don't worry about what he does. If that's what he chooses to do - I mean, they've got a great offense, a great team. You've got a Heisman Trophy winner, another guy, Percy Harvin, is a Heisman Trophy candidate. The last couple of years they've been top five in recruiting. He's got the talent to do it. I don't know what Urban will do. I can't control what another coach does. I won't run the score up on nobody.

*When asked a similar question later, he ignored the question.

What are your thoughts on Tim Tebow?
A: I haven't seen Tim play since last year. I know in high school he was phenomenal. He's a phenomenal athlete, a physical guy, a smart quarterback, knows what he has to do with the football. They did a nice job of building the offense around what they're trying to get done with him.

What does Percy harvin bring to the table?
A: A very fast guy. We tried to recruit him here, but he went to Florida. They've got a lot of speed. He's one of their fast guys. Urban said it right: They've probably got a 4x1 that can beat any college team in the nation as far as speed-wise. They probably have the four fastest guys in America that play football.

How will your team handle playing the Swamp?
A: It's a stadium. A stadium is a stadium. You can't worry about the fans. No, I'm not even worried about it, to be honest. After the first warm-ups or snaps, that all goes out the window. They're not young now; they're playing.

How will Marve handle having his first start there?
A: He's a calm quarterback that knows what we're trying to get done on offense, and he executes the offense the way we want him to in practice. We're excited about him.

Do you go out of your way to try and not play up this Florida game too much?
A: There's going to be plenty of hype. 1985, that's a long stint. That's something Florida fans are going to shoot for. It's going to be a big game for them. It's a big game for us every day we line up. It's going to be an exciting crowd. It'll be a nationwide TV game, a state rivalry game. You can't try to downplay it. No matter what myself or Urban does, it's one of those deals that you can't play down. It's going to be Florida against Miami. And it's going to go back to the early days. They'll talk about the Flop, then the game in Orlando, then the last time Florida beat Miami, the last time Miami beat Florida. It'll all be a big showcase and stuff.

What do you remember from your UF games as a player?
A: With Florida, there's always going to be something. One year we played up there and they were shaking keys. I think we had some guys on the team that maybe had cars they thought were illegal. The whole stands were shaking keys. It's always something going to Florida that's always unique. That's college. It's like going into Duke's stadium in basketball. The way their fans are, that's how Florida fans are, and you've got to admire that. That's fun, and it's college.

Do you think UF will ever be an annual game again?
A: I don't think it'll ever become an annual game again. Each school is in conference play, you've got eight games now, a conference championship. You always have to play one out of conference that's a tough team. I don't think it'll ever happen. It's every six years that'll probably happen.

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