Marve's the starter, Jacory will play

Head coach Randy Shannon made it very clear last week when he announced Robert Marve as the starter -- Jacory Harris would start game one and Marve game two. What's the plan following Thursday's game? Read on to find out.

Head coach Randy Shannon talked about Miami's quarterback situation.

Do you worry about Marve not having played in a while?
A: No. Jacory hadn't played in a while. It's the same type of deal. Like everybody said they're freshmen, first game out, a new stadium, atmosphere and all of this, and Jacory went out and first drive of the game scored a touchdown.

What are your thoughts on Jacory Harris?
A: Marve is the starter and Jacory will play. It makes us know we're doing the right things as a staff. Marve is the guy; Jacory will play. Jacory did a great job last night. We'll have a great plan for Robert to be successful, and he's going to execute it. Then after he executes Jacory will come in, do what he has to do. Then we'll come back to Marve.

What is your relationship like with Marve compared to other players?
A: The same. We have a good relationship. Do we talk all the time? Yes we do. Does he come to my office and sit down? Yes he does. Just like any other player he comes in my office anytime and sits down, watches TV. We'll sit up there and joke around, have a good time.

Have you developed a plan for how you'll use Jacory in games now?
A: No, not yet. He's just going to play in games. It might be in the first quarter, the third drive of the game. He's just going to play like a normal person.

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