Super DL Favors UM

This standout defensive end has already taken two official visits and he talks about his remaining schedule. He also talks about why he's so high on the Hurricanes.

At 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, Camden (N.J.) Woodrow Wilson standout defensive end Turk McBride has one game left this season.

"We didn't make the playoffs this season," McBride said. "We're playing our final game this week against Camden High."

McBride said he's managed to record 10 sacks this season.

"It can be frustrating at times because of how much teams try to double team me with tight ends and running backs. I just play hard and never give up."

McBride, who is preparing to take the ACT, has already taken two official visits. The most recent one was to Ohio State.

"Oh man, that place was crazy," he said. "After they won, things got wild. I almost got ran over like three times. Then there were like four or five riots. It was crazy. Ohio State's a great place. Plus, they're going to play for the national title."

McBride had made an official visit to Tennessee a month earlier.

"Everything I saw at Tennessee was straight," he said. "That was a lot of fun too. Of course there were some things I liked better at Ohio State and some things I liked better at Tennessee. But they were both great places."

McBride, who has visits scheduled to Iowa and Michigan as well, said neither school is at the top of his list.

"That would be Miami," he said. "That's my favorite right now. You just don't know how much I remember from the very first letter they sent me. I still remember exactly what it said. They're the best team in college football. I've always thought about playing for Miami and I'm taking my visit there on January 17."

McBride said one of the reasons he's so high on Miami is because of coach Greg Mark.

"I really like Coach Mark," he said. "And my mama does too. I talked to him last night and then he talked to her for awhile. She thinks Miami's tight too. That's another reason why they're at the top."

McBride said he likes the depth chart at UM.

"They're losing their top four defensive ends," he said. "They're the ones that play most of the time. If I go to Miami, I think I have a chance to make an early impact."

The standout defensive end said he's impressed with the fact that UM is being mentioned by the top players in New Jersey.

"They say the top two guys are Greg Olsen and Nate Robinson," he said. "I see where they're both visiting Miami. I asked Coach Mark about Nate and he said he's tight. Maybe we can go down and ball together."

McBride said he gets excited thinking about a possible Fiesta Bowl matchup between two of the schools in his top three.

"That would be crazy," he said. "They're both recruiting me real hard. I think it would be a great game, but it's not like I'll automatically pick the winner or anything like that. I have to go where the best situation for me is."

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