Grant, Adkins talk Tebow, roles

The Hurricanes will make their way to Gainesville this weekend for the Battle for the Seminole War Canoe versus #5 ranked Florida in what is one of the biggest games the Hurricanes have played in the last few seasons. Read on for the latest from Chavez Grant and Spencer Adkins for their thoughts on the game.


On Tim Tebow
He's a physical specimen. I played (against) him in the Cali-Florida Bowl and he was the quarterback. I think he is great. He can run the ball, throw the ball and an overall great guy off the field. I have a lot of respect for him.

On the comments made by OF WR Louis Murphy
I am not worried about it because everyone that we play has something to say. If ou feed into it, you (then) got your mind thinking about Louis Murphy, but then you got Percy Harvin and Brandon James and Tim Tebow. When it comes game time, we'll all have to play. What he says before the game really doesn't bother me. Of course I laughed at it, it isn't my kind of game. When I do talk, I let my play do the talking. I don't try to talk down to anybody, so it made me laugh because a lot of guys talk like that, but it doesn't matter. He can say what he wants, but a lot of people know what the truth is.


On getting to the quarterback…
What is going to happen is, we have a lot of guys that are just coming back and are anxious, because they didn't play in the first game and haven't gotten rid of the first game jitters so they'll be real antsy and real fast, we'll be coming from all angles, not just me.

On three ends coming back into the rotation…
We'll be (fresher) and they are all great players that can get to the quarterback.

On playing defensive end in certain packages…
I typically play on long down s when we think they are going to pass. I still play up. I played defensive end in high school so it wasn't hard to remember back. Coach Hurtt has taught me a lot of technique and it has helped me out. Me and Darryl Sharpton will still be linebackers. We get on the inside so we can rush in or cover.

On Florida being a special opponent…
We come into the game with the same attitude. We have to play hard and get the job done. It is a little different because it is a rival, but we get ready the same way.

On being the ACC Defensive Linemen of the Week…
I never thought (I'd do that). Whatever I can do to help the team, that is what I plan on doing.

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