Harris: This will be a true evaluation

Jacory Harris made his collegiate debut last week when he led the Canes to victory. This week, Harris will have a different role. He will be rotating with starter Robert Marve at quarterback. While it is unknown how much he will play, Coach Shannon said Harris will definitely get playing time. Read on to see what Harris had to say about going on his first big road trip.

Last week, you knew you were going to get most of the snaps. This week, you don't know when you will play or how much you will play. How difficult is it to prepare for that?

"It's not very difficult. All I've got to do is go into practice knowing that I'm not going to get all the snaps. I've just got to prepare myself mentally and physically to be ready to go in whenever the coaches call on me."

Would you like to know when exactly you would be going in?

"Not really because then it could make you nervous. On the other hand, you could tell me I'm going to go in and it could make me happy. I'll go out there ready and just do this for the team."

When you were at Northwestern did you compare yourself to Tim Tebow or Robert Marve?

"Yeah. My goal was first to beat Tebow's touchdown record even though Robert Marve had the record. I just wanted to beat Tebow's. When I accomplished that, I wanted to beat Robert's. Then when I did that, another kid from Tampa Plant beat mine. It was something that I strived for in high school but it wasn't anything that I depended on because I was a team player. Individual things come as you get better as a team."

What can you tell Robert from your experience about playing in a college game?

"Just be ready for whatever because they're going to throw different looks at you every time. Robert was on the sideline helping me throughout everything that was going on. If he saw something he would tell me or I would tell him whatever I saw so he could have mental reps to know what's going to happen next week."

What was different from what you expected?

"We really didn't have a game plan on what they were going to run. We went out there basically on air. Whatever they came out with, we basically schemed as we went on. That's basically it. We went over basically all the defenses they could possibly give us."

How much did it help having Patrick Nix coaching from the sidelines instead of up in the booth?

"It helped a lot because I'm the type of person that likes to be face to face with my quarterbacks coach. It just assures me that I'm doing the right things because you can see it in his facial expressions."

How soon do you think you can start making an impact at Miami?

"I think I can make an impact on the team but I can't do it by myself. As long as I go out there and listen to whatever the coaches say and my teammates say, I'll be alright."

How do you think this Saturday's game is going to be different from last week's?

"Basically, it's a bigger game. It's more hyped because it's on ESPN but to me it's the same thing. It's the same game just with more fans."

What have you heard about The Swamp?

"I've heard it's the loudest stadium there is to play in. I guess every stadium is going to be loud. Theirs might be louder by a little bit."

Are you guys excited to get up there and play in that stadium?

"I'm excited to go up there because I've never been in The Swamp. I just want to see how The Swamp is. I want to go up there and experience a different college atmosphere."

There's been some quotes posted in the locker room showing what some of the Gators have been saying about you guys leading into the game. How do those statements make you feel?

"I'm not too much of a person that gets into that. If it wasn't put inside our lockers I probably never would have read it. It did kind of get to me when Louis Murphy said that they're also The U. The U symbolizes different things here at the University of Miami that Florida doesn't have. Florida doesn't have the tradition and prestige that the University of Miami has."

Do you believe that this game will give you a good evaluation of where the team stands?

"I believe that any team we play will give us a true evaluation of ourselves because we would know by the outcome of a game whether or not we're a good team. Like Charleston Southern, they helped us find out whether or not we would be able to play with a team of Florida's caliber. We're going to play against a lot of great teams this season. Florida is just the first one."

Last week a lot of young guys played and made an impact. How much can you count on the young guys to make an impact this week against the Gators?

"Right now, we are playing a lot of true freshmen at the receiver position. That's something we've been doing since the summer since they got here. They've been in and out of the rotation. We have different packages set up for each one. It's good game experience because it helps us for the rest of our four years here. It helps us get better as a team and helps them get better as individuals. Basically, they'll be comfortable with what's going on in the game and since they've already been in game situations and been under the lights and played under pressure, we'll be alright with them."

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