Shannon: The truth comes out Saturday.

Xavier Shannon had some interesting things to say about the Florida game this week. Read on to see what the fifth year senior in the middle of Miami's offensive line is saying.

Q: Some people have been saying this is just another game. Is that possible with it being Florida?

A: No, not really. Everybody on the team is excited. Our number 1 goal right now is going up and beating the Gators.

Q: What would a win like this mean for the program?

A: First, it would mean that we are 2-0. It would be another step in us getting to the national championship. It would also show that the University of Miami still runs the state of Florida .

Q: Would a win like this tell you guys you can run the table?

A: Yes. That was our goal coming in. We feel we have a great coaching staff, and great players that can play against anybody in the country. Winning this game would show the rest of the country and all the doubters that we can play.

Q: You'll be snapping the ball to Robert Marve, who is taking his first college snap. What do you expect from Marve?

A: I expect Marve to do great things. Jacory went through the same thing last week and did well. I except Marve to do the same.

Q: How different are Marve and Jacory in the huddle?

A: Marve and Jacory are the same exact person to me besides one wears 9 and the other wears 12.

Q: What are your thoughts on some of the trash talking that Gator players are doing?

A: Nothing between now and Saturday determines who will win the game. I am not going to say anything. Saturday night you will find out the truth.

Q: What do you think the atmosphere will be like at Florida?

A: It is going to be loud. We all know that. We are going to handle it though. I know a lot of people from Miami that are going up also.

Q: Are you worried about fans throwing things and saying some nasty things?

A: The security will take care of that. We don't have to worry about any of those things. We just have to play ball.

Q: Would you rather have this game at noon and not have to sit around all day?

A: We want it at 8 on ESPN. I want everyone to wait to see us play. Let all the other games get out of the way first so everyone can see us play.

Q: How much do you know about this rivalry?

A: I believe it's 0-6 lately for Florida. We want to keep it going, want to make it 0-7 and the next time we play the Gators they will have to worry about not going 0-8.

Q: Is the running game especially important to keep the clock running and keep the weapons Florida has on the sidelines?

A: We have weapons on our offense, too. We have No. 2 and No. 5 in the backfield. I think they are the best pair of running backs in the country. That's what Florida has to worry about. Everyone talks about Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, but it is a team game. One or two guys are ot going to win a game by themselves.

Q: What advice will you give to Robert Marve?

A: Just play football. You have been playing this game your whole life and you have teammates that are going to help you.

Q: Can you get too excited for this game? Can you get too hyped up?

A: We are relaxed. This is just another round in our goal of getting to the championship. We are just going to run our game plan and do whatever we can to win. Our goal is to win the game. That is all that matters. We are not worried about sending a message or answering trash talk. A win will do all those things.

Q: How do you fell about being heavy underdogs?

A: Everyone picked the Giants to lose the Super Bowl. Nobody thought Fresno State was going to win the college baseball championship. We will just see what happens.

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