Jones says UM's play will do the talking

Khalil Jones understands how big this Saturday's game against the Gators is and he talked all about it. Read on to see what he's saying about Florida's speed, the crowd, being such a big underdog, and much more.

Q: How big is this game?

A: Every week is big. Anytime you play in the same state it is gonig to be big. This is a rivalry game. I have a lot of players I played with in high school that go up there. I'm looking forward to the competition.

Q: What will you find out about yourselves going against a team this highly ranked?

A: I just know football is a game of competition. Just leave it all on the field. Players show up, and big-time players make big-time plays. After Saturday night everyone will see.

Q: How do you keep your teammates focused and keep them from getting influenced by all the distractions up there?

A: You can't get rattled, or sidetracked by the crowd. We are ready. That is not going to phase us.

Q: What are your thoughts on some of the trash talk coming from Gator players?

A: Of course it gets you fired up, but we have a lot of respect for those guys. It's not going to change the way we play the game. It's just smoke. We're looking forward to the competition and we'll leave it all on the field Saturday night.

Q: What are your thoughts on The Swamp?

A: Of course we're excited to play in The Swamp, but a field is a field. We want to silence the crowd and the way to do is too execute our gameplan.

Q: What do you tell Robert Marve for his first game ever?

A: You can't really tell him much. Marve puts so much pressure on himself to be the best already. He has a lot to show, but he has a lot of talent around him that is going to help. His job is just getting his playmakers the ball. He does a great job of that. He's going to do his thing. He's composed and he's a leader. He knows we got his back no matter what.

Q: The UF secondary struggled at times last year. Do you see them vulnerable at that spot?

A: I am not worried about last year. I've got a lot of respect for that program. We're looking forward to a competitive game on Saturday night. I am not going to say anything negative. They are a great team.

Q: What are some of your experiences of playing in front of big crowds?

A: They say some of the darndest things, disrespect coaches. In Clemson, when coach (Don) Soldinger was here, they called him potty mouth. He was going off on somebody on the sideline and they were like `Potty mouth! Potty mouth!' And Virginia Tech, they told us we were going to be in jail the next morning. We went to Oklahoma , the student section had jail bond. It's crazy, but you laugh at it, block it out. You look forward to the atmosphere. It's always good. We just embrace the atmosphere, don't shy away from it. We just use it as motivation to execute.

Q: Do you feel disrespected going into this game being a big underdog and with what Louis Murphy said about UF being the real U?

A: I mean, I really don't. I've got a lot of respect for those guys. Anything beyond what's going to happen on the field Saturday night I really don't pay attention to. Our play will speak for us.

Q: Does all the bulletin board material go way once you kickoff?

A: It's all out the door. Players play, and there's really nothing to be said. If words predicted a football game I'd be a fantasy football player. I'm a college athlete, and I leave it all on the field. Other than that I really don't pay attention to it. I stay focused and I do not worry about trash talk.

Q: What is at stake on Saturday being that this is a rivalry game?

A: You're playing guys you have known for a while. You know they're from Florida . It's always a good rivalry. You're playing the guy next door pretty much. It's bragging rights. It's always exciting.

Q: How does UM match up with Florida's speed?

A: Everyone can speculate and talk, but when Saturday night comes all the talking ceases and the players play you will find out. When that ball kicks off the world will see who is faster, and who is not. Beyond that I have nothing to say.

Q: Does Robert Marve have his work cut out playing in a tough place against one of the top teams in the country?

A: Marve has a great group of guys around him who can help take that pressure away. Coaches do a great job of game planning. We're all in this together. It's not just about Marve. It's about the Hurricane offense, about the U. We're going to put the onus on ourselves to go out there and come out victorious. He delivers the ball which is his role, we'll handle our roles.

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