In His Words: A.J. Highsmith

Quarterback A.J. Highsmith is doing a weekly blog for and in this week's edition, he talked about a big season opening win his school had, his thoughts in Miami's opening win, and more. Read on to see what he's saying.

What's up football fans, It's AJ out of Missouri City again for a weekly update.

Starting with Miami, I think the team played very well in all aspects of the game. I didnt see the entire game, but on the parts i saw the offense looked strong behind Jacory under center and the offensive line played very well. I think Cooper in the backfield gives us lots of explosion and fire power, not to mention a good one two punch. Now the defense, with as little points as they gave up in the opener it's hard to say anything but they played great. I hope we can keep it up the whole year and win a lot of football games.

And my weekend, it started Friday with a nice win over a great Eisenhower opponent. The defense played lights out most of the game, and on offense we played good but can also improve. One of the only negatives we had as on offense in the last game was we left too many points on the field. We had some good drives going and would be held scoreless in the red zone as many as three or four times. But all in all it was a pretty good week but to win a state championship we have alot of corrections and things we need to practice on.

This week we have a bye week coming up, but we still practice hard and focus more on the basics because there is no gameplan.

Well thats how my week went and i watched a little college football. I'll be back soon.....


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