Gator plays talk after Miami game

Read on to see what quarterback Tim Tebow and other Florida players were saying after their 26-3 win over Miami on Saturday.

Junior Quarterback Tim Tebow

On the total team effort:
"It was a great win for us. Every group played their game tonight, some more so than the offense. We relied on the defense and special teams, and they stepped up."

On the second-half offensive adjustments:
"We had to pick up the blitz. Once we did that, we just had to throw and catch. Unfortunately, we didn't execute early, but we got it going in the second half."

On having Percy Harvin back from injury:
"It was great having Percy Harvin back making plays. We didn't utilize him as much as we wanted to, but when we got him touches, he made big plays for us."

Sophomore Tight End Aaron Hernandez

On his career-high five receptions:
"I ran my routes. I know as a tight end I'm not going to get all the balls, so I made sure to get open and catch the ball when it came my way."

On Cornelius Ingram's influence on him:
"Cornelius Ingram has helped me a lot, taught me to play my hardest. I did that today and I made some plays."

Junior Linebacker Brandon Spikes

On the overall defensive performance:
"We did a great job flying around and making plays. We've still got a lot of work to do, but I'm happy with how we played."

On ways to improve for the SEC opener versus Tennessee:
"We need to work on execution and communication. We played well tonight, but improving communication will help us play better."

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