Spence: We didn't finish

Freshman linebacker Sean Spence had one of the best games of any Hurricane on Saturday night in Gainesville. Read on to see what Spence is saying about the game, his performance, and more.

On Tim Tebow's toughness:
He's a strong quarterback and he showed it. he didn't win the Heisman for nothing. He's a great quarterback.

On hanging tight for the first three quarters:
We came out and put it on the line. We did a good job, just have to work on finishing the game. We were in it, just didn't finish. The game is four quarters.

On buying into Coach Shannon's plan:
Coach Shannon expects nothing but greatness. We went out and put it on the line for him. We were a couple plays away.

On playing in such a big atmosphere:
It was a big atmosphere. When I first walked out, I said 'this is a big stadium'. It was a big playing stage. Coming into the game, we played a lot of games like that in high school. We blocked out the crowd tonight.

On how active you and the linebackers were:
The linebackers wanted to take charge of the defense so we went out and played well.

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