Fox: We're real close

Jason Fox had a solid game against the Florida Gators on Saturday night and he talked about the game, the performance of some of the younger players, what the team needs to do from here, and more.

On being in such a tight game going into the fourth quarter:
Right now, everyone is pretty disappointed. We're not satisfied for coming close. You're here to win it. We'll move on, watch film, see the good plays we did make, see the plays we screwed up on, and work on it.

On the play of many of the freshmen:
I think they played pretty well. Marve played really well for his first game. We have a couple young receivers and some young guys on defense that made some plays. I'm sure you'll see them make a mistake here and there on film but they made plays.

On how far this team is away from being where they want to be:
We're real close. A lot of people don't realize, that drive when we got stopped on third down (in the third quarter), if one just person makes a better block or a better read, we're keeping the drive going. That could turn into points and all it takes is one mistake (on their part). We're close and people don't realize how close we are.

On having to block Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap:
He's a good player. He's pretty big for a defensive end and some some strength. He came to play against us.

On how the offensive line performed:
I felt like a couple times, we did a good job blocking, to get 7, 8, 9 yards but I don't know it was a block missed from springing it lose. We'll find out on film.

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