Shannon updates James's injury status

Javarris James went down with an ankle injury against Florida. Read on to see how long he'll be out and what Coach Shannon is saying about the team's running game, what the team learned from last Saturday, Robert Marve's performance, and much more.

On practice this week:
We're gonna get back to going ones vs. ones (in practice) to clean up some things we did against Florida.

On injuries:
Javarris James will be out maybe 2-4 weeks maximum. He has a high ankle sprain, he feels real good. and is walking in a soft cast, doing rehab and treatment. All other injuries, we came out pretty good against Florida.

On what the team learned:
I made a statement to the players last week before the game. I said this will decide where we're at as a team, the direction we're going -- playing against a top five opponent. These guys are hungry, feisty, they can handle pressure situations. We also got to make a play in that hostile environment. They understand it. We just have to keep going as a team.

On Robert Marve's performance:
We went into the game thinking that if Marve didn't turn the ball over, we'd execute offensively. If a play wasn't there, tuck the ball away and run. We're excited the way he performed. We're excited about Jacory Harris, backed up on the one-inch line and throwing a pass to get us field position instead of being backed up.

On your running game without James:
That (injury) was a big point in our game. Javarris is our big back, who can pound it. Him getting a high ankle sprain, we played the other running backs. Florida did a good job coming off blocks, diving, and making some arm tackles. When Javarris is available, it may have been a little different. This week we're gonna work on keep driving our legs. The run game was there but Coach (Charlie) Strong and Florida did a good job of controlling our running game. It'll be Graig Cooper, Derron Thomas, Shawnbrey McNeal, and Lee Chambers. Those will be the four running backs getting ready for Texas A&M.

On the attention the last minute field goal Florida kicked has drawn:
I don't know if it's drawn anything. I don't even worry about it. Florida's a real good football team with a great quarterback. They do a good job and they're gonna be successful. A last second field goal, I don't even think about it. We just gotta prepare for Texas A&M and move on.

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