Wesley talks about his fast start

Defensive end Steven Wesley has made the most of his opportunities this season. With projected starters Eroc Moncur and Allen Bailey out week one and limited in week two, Wesley made a splash with his play in Miami's first two games. Read on to see what Wesley had to say about his play so far this season.

What's it going to be like going into another hostile environment this week?
"It's going to be a really good experience for our defense. We're going to get to really learn to communicate and work better as a defense. In the Florida game, we were in a hostile environment and there were a couple of communication issues and errors here and there that turned into big plays. This week, we're trying to eliminate the mistakes and become better."

What's the difference between their two quarterbacks?
"We know that number 1, Jerrod Johnson, is more of an athletic quarterback. We know that when he's in the game we have to really be on our toes because he's going to be scrambling around like Tim Tebow did. He's kind of like Tebow. He scrambles around and doesn't really throw that much. Number 7, Stephen McGee, is more like a pro style quarterback. He sits in the pocket and holds the ball a real long time. We're going to try to hit him and get more sacks this week."

Texas A&M is known for their "12th Man" tradition. Do you think you will be able to come out and silence their crowd?
"Definitely. The crowd is going to be into it especially on the offensive side if they get a big play. We've got to go out there and shut them out the first couple of series to set the tone."

After having a week off between games, how important is the start of this game for you guys?
"The start of a game is very important. The start of a game is important in every game. The offense has to get out there and get real comfortable. The defense has to go make a couple stops."

How do you think you're going so far?
"I think I'm doing pretty good. I'm just trying to be more consistent on making plays and stuff like that. Coach has congratulated me on how consistent I am and how I've tried to help the young guys take that next step because I know how they feel. They're ekind fo frustrated on not being able to play. I've been in the same position they're in. I'm just trying to keep them focused."

How many ends are in the rotation right now?
"Right now it's me (Allen) Bailey, Eric Moncur, Adewale Ojomo, and the two freshmen Marcus Robinson and Andrew Smith."

Does it help to have 6 guys rotating and keeping them all fresh or would you rather get more snaps?
"Oh it helps a lot because we're so fresh. Coach always tells us while we're out there to go really hard because our rotation is so deep. He always tells us to go out there and play balls to the wall every play."

How are Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey doing?
"(Moncur) is doing real good right now. He's just trying to get back into the groove. He had a real good practice Sunday. He'll be back to the regular old Eric soon. Bailey, you know he is. That dude is a monster. He sat out camp and just now started playing defensive end so it's going to take him a little while to get back into the groove."

What stands out to you about last year's game against Texas A&M?
"The way we came out and started off and got our crowd into it on defense. We got on defense first and when Eric Moncur had that first tackle for loss, that set the tempo for how the whole game was going to be."

How do you think playing in The Swamp prepared you for playing in a hostile environment like Kyle Field?
"It prepared us real good because The Swamp is one of the toughest places to play in the country. They say this crowd here is the "12th man" so I think it prepared us pretty good."

You guys hung around with the number 5 team in the country for three quarters a couple of weeks ago. How did that affect the team's confidence?
"The thing is that we always had confidence. We never think of ourselves as the second best. We think of ourselves as the best. I'll probably say it helped a little bit because we did it against some good competition but we always think we're the best in anything we do."

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