Canes focused on 3 things during off week

The Hurricanes focused on three major areas during the off week after the Florida game. Read on to see what those three areas were, how the team is approaching this week's game, and much more.

On Texas A&M:
It's another opportunity for us to go on the road in a hostile environment, in a great college atmosphere. It should be an exciting game for both teams.

On the continued turnaround of the program:
Some of it starts in recruiting. We wanna make sure we find the best players from winning programs, guys who believe in what the team is doing, guys not focused on making it to the NFL but wanna come in here and make our teams better. Once we have those guys, we make sure they know what's important. All we want is your best, not 3/4 of the time but all the time.

On having good young quarterbacks:
Miami's had great quarterbacks over the years I've been with most of them during my time (dating back to when he was a player). We think we have two great young ones now. They have a good nucleus around them, too.

On playing in a tough atmosphere Saturday:
I think our guys are used to it. Guys on this team are used to playing in hostile environments from back in high school. Texas A&M is different. It's a new facility, new fans, new stadium. It's always gonna be a challenge going to a different place.

On the team's progress so far:
I'm overall pleased with the entire team. If we can get into the 4th quarter (with a chance) to make a play, we have a shot to win it.

On the focal point during the bye week:
The three things we concentrated on were, special teams wise, heavily on punts because we had a punt block for a safety, which is inexcusable. We worked on our kickoff coverage. We did some thingsin practice to get our players in position. Defensively, we haven't had a turnover in two games. We focused on finding ways to create turnovers. And offensively, once we get past the 50 yard line, lets have the mentality to score points and not relax. If we start a drive, lets finish off the drive with a score in some kind of way.

On whether it changes preparing for two quarterbacks:
Not really. They run the same offense. One is more of a scrambler. They're still gonna run the west coast offense.

On A&M's new offense:
They like to run the ball, go play action, throw it deep. Coach Kines does a great job of mixing up having three down linemen and blitzing from all areas and then he'll have four down linemen and blitz from all areas. That's a challenge for us to see what they're gonna do.

On the ACC's early struggles:
It's a long season. When it comes down to the end of the season, we will be represented by this conference. To us coaches in this conference, it's a tough conference to win. Every year there's not a solid guy to say you're gonna win. Every year someone will go to the BCS game and do a great job.

On beating Texas A&M last year having an impact on this game:
This is a different Texas A&M team -- different staff, on the road, good college environment. It's always tough going on the road. We don't re-live in the past. It's a great challenge for us to play a great opponent on the road. This brings a lot of what college football is all about.

On having a strong defense going into a game like this:
It helps. You'll be able to be in the game. We feel very confident in our defense. The offense is getting better every week. Our special teams, we feel like we have the guys to do things to help us get better.

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