Sherman talks QB's, team's progress

Read on to see what Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman had to say about his quarterback situation, what the team accomplished during their bye week, how they gameplanned for Miami, and more.

On the injury status of Stephen McGee:
Stephen threw the ball and this morning didn't seem to have any repercussion. He'll get some rehab and what not and it's gonna be a day-to-day thing with him.

On backup Jerrod Johnson's performance:
The thing with Jerrod is he goes into that game without expecting our quarterback to get hurt. He really prepared to be a wide receiver in different packages. His preparation was more suited in that direction so for him to go in and function the way he did and throw it the way he did (was good). He made good decisions but held onto the ball a little longer than I'd like. Things from a game standpoint, we had a couple delay of games and we have to be cleaner in getting him the plays. I thought he performed well, showed great leadership on the sidelines, and under the circumstances, did very well.

On Johnson's confidence level after that game:
He's not a guy that gets all up or all down. He takes things as they come. He has a lot of pose and he said he just wants to help the team win and how I can help next week is up to me. He's real nonchalant about everything. He doesn't lose sleep over stuff the rest of us do. I don't think the fact that he threw three touchdowns matters to him. He expects to do that. He thinks he did the best he could and hopes he can get better.

On what the team got accomplished during the bye week:
What I like to do is treat Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday like a game week. Miami didn't play either so we took our tapes and put together a game plan. With a bye this early in the season, you're still trying to figure your team out and not try doing stuff you won't use in a game. I wanted us to get right into the gameplan and we finalized our gameplan for Miami on Thursday (of last week). Now (this week) we're going back and studying us, seeing where we lack, what we're doing well, what we need to do better. We're trying to study that now. A bye week this early doesn't afford you a body of work but you can go in and look at what you're doing with iso plays, power plays, but there's a limited number of things to study. We can study our footwork on certain plays or our timing. We got the gameplan done and now we're finalizing it.

On the best part of the bye week:
We lost a starting quarterback, a starting receiver. We're a little banged up so it came at a good time for us. We're trying to use it to get better and to get healthy.

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