Cook talks highly of Coach Young

Read on to see what senior middle linebacker Glenn Cook is saying about Texas A&M, creating turnovers, Sean Spence, Bill Young's defense, what the team needs to do to start winning on the road again, and more.

Q: Having studied Texas A&M, what do you think about your next opponent?
A: They have pretty a good running back, have some quarterbacks that move around a little bit. The tight end is an athletic kid. They're kind of young at receiver, so I think they'll try to get their running game going to open up everything else. It'll be a tough environment for us, but I think we'll be able to handle it.

Q: Might there be a letdown after such a hyped up game at Florida?
A: It's possible if you let it happen, but I think we'll handle it well. We know we're going to a tough place. We have to be just as hyped. This game is important. We have to bounce back from a couple of weeks ago.

Q: What have you heard about playing at Texas A&M?
A: No good news. A couple of horror stories. But it's another stadium. People said Florida was going to be tough. It was loud, but we handled that part of it well, didn't have many penalties or anything. We did lose because of the stadium.

Q: Does playing at Florida help the team be ready for playing at A&M?
A: Yeah. I think the fact we did go to Florida a couple of weeks before got our feet wet. I don't think this will be as tough as if this was our the first game.

Q: How important is it that this defense start creating some turnovers?
A: It's extremely important. I think it's going to help our offense a lot, giving them a short field. It's something we harp on. We just have to keep working on it. When they come, they come in bunches.

Q: How has Sean Spence come along?
A: Sean still has a lot of things to improve on, but he's just a playmaker. He's consistently around the ball. He is going to make plays in the game. We just have to get him on the field. He just has a knack for the ball.

Q: How charged up do you think Texas A&M will be?
A: I think they'll be pretty hyped up. They were ranked , came in expecting to win and it was an upset. We played well. This year we have to be prepared. They have a lot of the same guys back; they'll be cranked up.

Q: What sticks out in your mind from last year's game against A&M?
A: The atmosphere, the sideline atmosphere that night was kind of crazy. The fans were into it, everybody was running around. If we can have the same kind of atmosphere up there we'll have the same results.

Q: How important is the start of this game?
A: We have to start fast, get back into that game time feel. We are practicing like it's a game. We are playing at that level at practice. The intensity I think will be there.

Q: This team has dropped 7 of its last 8 on the road. What do you think is the reason?
A: Maybe it's the comfort level goes down a little bit. You're not at home, not relaxed. The routine may be a little different. We just have to keep the young guys focused and I think we'll be able to handle it.

Q: Texas A&M has a new coaching staff, a new offense.
A: It's a different offense, but they still try to get the ball to the same players. It's not much different. We still have to key on the same guys.

Q: Does it affect you much that they might use two quarterbacks in the game?
A: Whoever is back there, they both can move around a little bit. The backup's a little more athletic, but they both can run. We'll be prepared. They are still going to do the same things.

Q: What did the team work on most last week?
A: We worked hard on some things, special teams. We did all the hitting. It was a tough couple of practices.

Q: What do you think of Bill Young so far?
A: He is a great coach. He has had us prepared each week. He is still putting in new defenses so we are still getting used to that.

Q: What is his style?
A: He is very balanced. He is laid back at times but he can still get loud.

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