Reddick: UM close to being a dominant defense

Anthony Reddick played a key role in doing an excellent job of slowing down Tim Tebow and Florida's offense for the first three quarters two weeks ago. If they had played four quarters like that, it would have been a great effort. Reddick believes the Canes are going to be a dominant defense again real soon and it starts tomorrow.

Q: How do you compare this game versus last game?
A: I think it will be about the same. They are both loud stadiums and they are both good teams. We just have to play football the way we know we can.

Q: What do you think will be different?
A: I expect to improve in all phases of the game.

Q: Do you think the defense is improving?
A: I think we are all improving. The offense is improving also. We are trying to get back to dominating on defense.

Q: What do you know about Texas A&M?
A: Both of the quarterbacks are good. They will hurt us if we do not stay with our assignments. I hear they have a loud stadium and I am sure it will be a great game.

Q: What do you know about their receivers?
A: They are good. They have some guys that can run. We can not let up this week. We need to play hard and get our assignments down.

Q: How important is it for the defense to force some turnovers?
A: It is huge. We have been working on that in practice. We know we need to get turnovers. Turnovers can change momentum and it helps our offense by giving them a short field.

Q: How big of a role is the defense going to have in silencing that crowd?
A: A big role. We need to go out there and shut them down and then hopefully that 12th man will sit down.

Q: What do you think of Sean Spence's play so far?
A: He is a great player. He does not worry about mistakes he just goes out there and plays. He is like a veteran out there.

Q: How do you guys feel going into this game?
A: We are trying to make fewer mistakes and are trying to win the game. We just want to make plays and get the victory.

Q: Is the defense more confident that it was entering Gainesville?
A: I think we played well at times over there and yes we are confident, but at the same time they still scored some points. We know we can and need to get better. If we give up any points we know we still have to get better.

Q: How do you compare this team to last years?
A: I think we are a lot better. We are focused on what we need to do. We just have to stay that way.

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