Lots of freshmen still playing

After the first three games of the season, one thing that has become very clear at the University of Miami -- the freshmen will play.

The Hurricanes played 18 freshmen (true and redshirt) against Texas A&M, giving them one of the best young core of players in all of college football.

The 18 freshmen are Robert Marve, Jacory Harris, Lee Chambers, Thearon Collier, LaRon Byrd, Travis Benjamin, Aldarius Johnson, Davon Johnson, Marcus Forston, Adewale Ojomo, Micanor Regis, Marcus Robinson, Andrew Smith, Sean Spence, Jordan Futch, Arthur Brown, Brandon Harris, and Vaughn Telemaque.

While those freshmen are certainly making an early impact, there are some other freshmen and other older players who didn't see the field on Saturday.

Those players are Taylor Cook, Cannon Smith, John Calhoun, Jermaine McKenzie, Kendal Thompkins, Daniel Adderley, Chaz Washington, Harland Gunn, Tyler Horn, Josh Holmes, Jeremy Lewis, Gavin Hardin, Kylan Robinson, Brandon Marti, C.J. Holton, Joseph Wylie, Ramon Buchanan, Lovon Ponder, Jared Campbell, and Jake Wieclaw.

Injured players who didn't play in this game include Javarris James, Tommy Streeter, Benjamin Jones, Chris Barney, and Courtney Harris.

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