UM Lands Big Commitment

A few days after the University of Miami summer camp, standout lineman Kevin Williams told the coaches he was coming. Over five months later, Williams was ready to go public. Head coach and former Hurricane Randy Bethel talked about it with us.

At 6-foot-7 and 272 pounds, Sebastian River, Fla. standout lineman Kevin Williams has been saying for months that he hopes to someday become a Hurricane.

On Sunday, he decided to begin telling everyone about his decision, including head coach and former Hurricane tight end Randy Bethel.

"Kevin's real excited about his commitment to Miami," Bethel said. "My job is just to train him and get him ready for what he's going to see at that program. It's not going to be easy for him so I need to get him ready."

Williams just began playing football last August and Bethel said he's watched the big man make lots of progress.

"His mom and my dad are friends," he said. "It took a lot of pestering of her and praying on our part to get Kevin to finally come out and play for us. His brother had played for us for three years and that helped. When Kevin finally decided to play, you could see the kind of fun he was having."

Williams, who also competes in basketball and track, has played four different positions for Bethel.

"He's only played two full years and he's done everything we asked him to do," he said. "He has incredible range. His footwork is excellent thanks to basketball. His upside is tremendous. And the big thing is that he's still learning."

While learning, Williams finished the season third on the team in tackles to go with six sacks, 10 tackles for loss, and 22 quarterback hurries.

Bethel said he's not sure what position Williams will end up playing at the college level.

"I really couldn't say," he said. "All I know is that Kevin will work hard and learn well. We started playing him at offensive tackle earlier this season and in just a short time, he was able to suck in all the different terminology and learn all of his assignments. He did very well because he's a fast learner. He fits the mold of a left tackle but on defense, he reminds me of Bill Hawkins. He's very solid, knows his assignments, and he's a quiet leader for us."

Williams, who won the Defensive Line MVP at the UM summer camp in June, is busy preparing for the SAT after missing it by just a few points on the first try.

"He's taking one this Saturday," he said. "We've got all of our seniors with tutors getting ready and the lady helping him anticipates that Kevin will get a passing score this time."

Bethel said Williams fell in love with the Hurricanes when he attended the NIKE Camp.

"I took some of our guys down there and they all liked it, especially Kevin," he said. "Then he got a chance to work with some of the coaches at the camp and fell in love with the place. He knows it's the best program in the country too."

Bethel said he'll now begin preparing Williams for a successful college career.

"He has what you want athletically and he learns well," he said. "After basketball season, our seniors continue to lift and run. I think you'll see Kevin at about 290 when he leaves here. He's only been lifting for two years and I think you'll see a big increase with regards to size and strength. With his natural athletic ability, that's going to be a real good combination."

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