Shannon: The offense fell asleep

Randy Shannon talked about how his offense fell asleep last Saturday, how it was "unbelievable" how many missed tackles the defense had, and much more. You don't want to miss what he's saying here!

Opening Statement:
We have North Carolina this week and this is a tremendous test for us in our first ACC game. Butch Davis is a guy I've worked with for many years and he even coached me. We'll see where we're at as a football team and how we've developed so far this season.

on the offensive progress:
We're getting consistency from the receivers, the way they caught the ball, the way they ran their routes, how they helped us in the running game. It's also about finishing blocks, finishing the game, not having many turnovers, which will all be keys in the North Carolina game.

on having more big plays last week:
We had a lot of big runs and some big pass plays, which is part of football. We have to keep doing that and stressing it in practice.

on UNC's Brandon Tate:
He brings a lot of problems. He's probably one of the best guys we'll see on offense and special teams (this season). Coach Davis has always done a great job in putting the ball into the hands of his best guys to score points. There's only so much you can do (on kicking away from him). You can pooch it but there's a certain area that if you don't do it right, they can get it at the 35, 40 yard line. If you squib it, that can be dangerous. We have to do things in the kicking game, trying to give him a little problem fielding the football in some form or fashion. They do a tremendous job of pressuring the punter and that's a great way to get a good return. He can make guys miss.

On the success the offense had vs. Texas A&M:
All that we're doing is a work in progress with this team. We're staying focused on getting better each week, keep moving forward, getting better as a football team. We just have to keep correcting the little things. Like on defense, it was unbelievable how many missed tackles we had. We have to keep stressing creating turnovers on defense. Offensively, we have to finish. I thought we rolled to sleep in the fourth quarter. We got to get out of that mentality.

On UNC's quarterback situation:
You gotta prepare the same way. Working with Coach Davis over the years, I know he'll have his quarterbacks ready. He'll continue running the scheme. He's not gonna change his whole philosophy for one guy. He's never been that way. They may have one or two wrinkles but we have to prepare for what we've been seeing on film.

On Robert Marve's development:
Robert's doing a good job for us. He's not turning the ball over, he's doing a tremendous job of getting the ball to different receivers because we don't have that go-to guy yet. The players feel confident in him and we're excited about his progress. He's doing things to help make us successful.

On creating more turnovers on defense:
That was a big deal in the preseason. We stressed creating turnovers. We aren't creating them but we did get two last week and that was good but that's one area where we can make a difference in a game. The defense does a great job of trying to strip the ball but we gotta keep stressing it.

On the lack of turnovers from the offense so far:
We don't talk about it. We just say protect the ball. We just use those words. We don't necessarily say don't fumble or hold it with two hands. We just say tuck it away and don't say anything else.

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