Trump enjoys the OL rotation

A.J. Trump has been one of the rotating offensive lineman for Miami this season. The junior's versatility is a great asset to Miami as he can play all spots on the line. Read on to see what Trump had to say on a variety of things.

You guys haven't been home in almost a month. How does it feel to be going back to Dolphin Stadium?
"I can't wait. The first experience in there was awesome. My family loved it. Clearly we enjoyed it. We're excited to be back in front of some home fans. That first crowd was great. Hopefully we can continue to win and keep filling that place up. As long as there's a patch of grass to play on and some Hurricanes fans there, we'll be excited."

After the loss last year at UNC, how important is this game to you guys?
"This game is important because it's an ACC game but we didn't forget that loss last year. We're always looking to avenge losses but it's an ACC game and that's why it's important."

So is revenge a big motivation factor or does it not really affect you guys?
"I think it's something that's going to be a motivation factor but if the team is not motivated by the fact that it's an ACC game and someone is trying to come into our stadium and beat us up, then we're not ready. I think it's more about it being an ACC game."

For a lot of the fans, this game is a big deal because it's the return of Butch Davis. Does that affect the players at all?
"It's not a huge deal. That was a guy who never recruited any of us that are here so it's not a huge deal."

A lot of the guys have been saying that they want to get this win for Coach Shannon. How do you feel about that?
"I think we want to win for Coach Shannon because we know that he was a part of that. We're just thinking ACC. We want to go to Tampa real bad."

How uncomfortable is it to play on that infield dirt?
"It's different. It's kind of like concrete with a thin layer of dirt on it. It's great that we have an extra game under our belt on it. I'm sure North Carolina hasn't played on anything like that. It's different. You're going to have some strawberries and feel kind of like a baseball player. After a drive or two, you're kind of use to it but it's another thing you have to deal with."

What did it say about Glenn Cook when he traveled with the team and helped in any way he could even though he was out with injury?
"Any time a guy goes down like that with a major surgery and makes a comeback, you gain a lot of respect for that person. Personally, I've been through it. I know how hard it is to be out for a year and stay in it and stay physically and mentally active. It's really incredible how quickly he's come back."

Cook isn't the most physically imposing linebacker. What makes him successful?
"He's a pretty shifty dude. If you're not in balance when you run up to go block him he'll definitely get around you. He's also always sin the right spot at the right time. You know he's going to be there. It's tough (to block him)."

Did the rotation on the offensive line change a lot from the Florida game to the Texas A&M game?
"I played a little less right guard but that was because Tyrone Byrd during the week had stepped up and played right tackle which allowed us to move (Chris) Rutledge down into right guard. Now I'm playing left guard and center. It was different but not much different. Each of us wound up playing about half the game still."

Do you like having a rotation on the offensive line or would you prefer continuity?
"Oh it's awesome. After a ten or fifteen play drive that you're really gassed and you know there's another guy ready to go in, it's a great feeling. You can kind of sit on the bench for a second, relax and get your thoughts back together and get ready to go back in."

Chris Rutledge has provided depth at tackle and now guard. How important is he to the success of the offensive line?
"He's a very solid player. He always knows his assignments. He's always using the right technique. He's still kind of learning the position. He hasn't played too much of it but he's done a good job of getting in and moving quick in that spot. He's another guy that we can put in there and not have any drop off."

Is it tough on you to prepare week in and week out when you're playing so many spots on the line?
"It used to be. Now it's normal. I've been doing it for so long that when I look at something, I look at all three positions. When I think about running a technique, I think about all three positions. It takes a little while longer to prepare for a game but it's not something that's harder."

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