Shannon: This was a tough loss

North Carolina defeated Miami by the score of 28-24 on Saturday afternoon. Read on to see what head coach Randy Shannon was saying after the game.

Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon

Opening statement... "It was a tough loss today against North Carolina. Coach [Butch] Davis has done a good job with his staff and keeping his guys fighting through the entire game. We had our shots and we had our chances, but we just did not make the big plays on defense. There were too many deep balls that got us in trouble and guys just blowing responsibilities. When you give up two big-time touchdowns on third and long, it just is uncalled for and it's unacceptable. We have to get those things fixed. It's just hard knowing you had a chance to win the game, but those guys executed and we didn't. Hats off to them, and now we have to get ready for next week against Florida State and move forward."

On final play... "Any time a ball touches a receiver's hand, you have to make those catches. It was a tough catch, but their job is too catch the football."

On margin of error with young players... "That plays a big part... That's huge and we as coaches have to get those guys back to better coaching. We have no choice but to play those guys when they are young. We have to get those guys caught up real fast, and we will."

On challenging calls... "There were a couple of plays they told me that I could not challenge. So if they say you can't challenge, you can't."

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