FSU week will make team forget about UNC

The Hurricanes had today off and will hit the practice fields again on Tuesday and Coach Shannon is excited to prepare for the FSU game this week. He believes playing an arch-rival this week will help the team forget about last Saturday's loss. Read on to see what he's saying about that, the injury situation, how the team needs to improve, and much more.

Head coach Randy Shannon addressed the media and here is some of what he was saying:

-Believes FSU being next up is very helpful in getting past the North Carolina loss.

-Kick off depth still needs a lot of work and they've been working with Matt Bosher every week. Coaches want the football to be placed inside the five yard line on the outside of the right hash. Shannon also acknowledged that Bosher is all they have now as a kickoff specialist. On the other hand, Shannon had positive things to say about the coverage units this week.

-In regards to freshman kicker Jake Wieclaw, he is still learning per Shannon. He is still adjusting to the college game kicking off with a tee. Right now, when he gets range, it comes in the form of a line drive which is a big no-no on special teams. Those typically results in big switches of field position. However, Shannon does not rule out the possibility of him playing this year.

-Shannon talked about WR Travis Benjamin and how he is becoming the player they have been missing as a return man and they are finding ways to utilize his speed on offense while he is being coached up as a receiver. He still has some work to do developing his skills as a wide receiver, especially in recognizing coverages.

-For those that didn't notice, OG AJ Trump started ahead of sophomore Orlando Franklin in Saturday's game. Trump brings more of a veterans experience into the game and Shannon praised Franklin's play coming off the bench.

-As Mike mentioned earlier in a thread, the offensive line has been in a constant state of movement due to Reggie Youngblood being nicked up. They've made an effort in getting the upperclassmen to move around while keeping the young players in their current positions.

-Injuries are starting to take their toll for the ‘Canes. Damien Berry was injured on the opening kickoff. WR Thearon Collier was sent to the hospital, Chavez Grant injured his leg. The status of all are unknown at this time, but stay tuned for Tuesday's presser for the latest. Shannon mentioned leg injuries are the main culprit so far.

-Randy Phillips is supposed to come back in 5 weeks. That all depends on whether or not he is fully ready. Taking a red shirt is definitely an option, it will depend on how Phillips feels.

-Big plays on third and long are an Achilles heel for the Hurricanes, especially in the fourth quarter. Conditioning is not a factor, per Shannon. He states that it is completely mental and players trying to hard to make a play.

-Shannon tried to challenge the Hakeem Nicks touchdown pass because his helmet came off, but was told it was unreviewable.

-Says that ACC officiating has gotten better since he has been a head coach.

-In reference to the attendance, Shannon says that this is typical of a Miami crowd. There are "35,000" die hard fans that will always be there and only during the big games, like Florida State, will there be big time attendance numbers. Also, the alumni base isn't the size of larger schools. However notes that Miami is a big draw on television.

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