Shannon: Someone needs to step up

Coach Randy Shannon addressed the media on Tuesday morning and talked about a number of things. Read on to see what he's saying about injuries, the bad pass defense lately, Coach Nix, the QB rotation, depth, finding playmakers, the FSU game, and much more.

Coach Shannon just addressed the media and here's some of what he was talking about:

* Re: the bad DB play -- it's not just on them. It's the entire defense. He said the D-Line needs to apply better pressure to help those guys out in the secondary.

* Marcus Forston "should" play this week.

* They won't know on Collier until later today.

* Baby J is out of his boot, walking around. He won't be ready this week, however.

* When asked about Coach Nix, he said, "he's doing a great job." He pointed out that the offense is moving the ball and scoring points with some very young QB's.

* When asked about the QB rotation, Shannon mentioned how Jacory has been putting points on the board when in the game. The reason? It gives Marve a chance to see what the defense is doing and when he goes back into the game, "he doesn't miss a beat."

* The run D is a lot better this year and a big reason for that is Glenn Cook. He said he's playing in the high 220's and has been very physical and gives credit to LBs coach Mike Barrow for helping developing Cook the way he has.

* Re: big plays on D. "We, as a staff, gotta get better on giving up the big plays" on defense.

* He talked about the impact Dedrick Epps has made. He played just 15 snaps his entire freshman year so last year was his first year really. He's developed a lot, physically, and is now a good blocker and knows how to take a 5 yard catch and finish it with 15 yards, getting first downs.

* The D-Line rotation will continue. For example, Antonio Dixon was getting 55 snaps per game on average last year and is now getting about 30.

* Anthony Reddick needs to stop pressing and start going out there and just having fun, not thinking so much.

* Re: lack of INTs -- "Someone needs to step up and make a play" because we have playmakers there.

* Brandon Harris is playing more than half the snaps -- very impressive for a true freshman.

* re: Why Khalil Jones keeps starting -- Shannon said the starter isn't a big deal because within 4 plays, it's a different group and all the WR's play the same. In fact, Khalil's the only one who doesn't play as much as the others. He is, however, the only one that plays all 3 WR spots.

* Re: redshirting kids -- It's still early to tell and injuries will happen, etc.

* This week's game is like any other FSU game. It's a big one to both teams and a win here would be big.

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