Moncur: We need to create more pressure

Eric Moncur has made a significant impact on defense this season. The senior defensive end has made six tackles, two sacks and an interception through three games this season. Moncur also is a veteran of the Miami-FSU series. Read on to see what Moncur has to say about the upcoming meeting with the Seminoles.

This is not the typical UM-FSU match up between two highly ranked teams and a possible national title on the line. Does this game still feel as big as any other Miami-Florida State game has in the past?
"It's always big when we meet. Man, we need to win. We're 2-2 right now. We definitely need a win, especially because we're trying to win the ACC. You never know what could happen later on in the season. A win this week would put us in a good spot."

Florida State has had great success so far this season running the football. Do you guys think if you can control the line of scrimmage, Miami will win this game?
"We look at it as a big challenge because I think they're averaging a little over 200 yards rushing a game. It's a big challenge for us because we pride ourselves in stopping the run and we've been doing that so far. We're looking forward to the challenge."

Coming off a disappointing loss to UNC, how much does this team need a win?
"We've got to get back on track. We're going to win. Florida State has a pretty good team but I think we're going to put everything together and win this one."

Coach Shannon has said the defense hasn't put as much pressure on the quarterback as the team would like. Do you guys feel any added pressure to get to the QB?
"I think it's true. We haven't been putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback. We don't have a lot of sacks as a unit. Putting in hard work in practice and continuing to work on the little things will help us out with that."

Is there a reason why you think the defense hasn't been able to get more sacks this year?
"We just haven't been putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback. We haven't been getting off the field after third downs. We're going to do that this week."

A lot of plays have said the team needs to finish better. How do you practice and prepare to finish?
"You don't really practice it, you've just got to keep it in your mind. When you've got somebody down, you've to go keep them down. You can't let them back into the game. We're definitely going to take that into consideration this week."

What does the Miami-Florida State rivalry mean?
"It's a big rivalry. There are a lot of guys from Miami up there. A lot of guys that played together or against each other in high school are up there. It's going to be real fun going against guys you know. I think we're going to do real good this week."

What do you know about Florida State's offense? What are their strengths?
"They've been doing real good in the running game. They don't really pass much. I guess it's because of the youth at quarterback. They've been doing a good job of running the ball against the teams they played earlier this year. We're looking forward to the challenge of stopping them."

The penalties committed late in games by both the offensive and defensive lines have hurt the team. Are they a matter of fatigue or is it something else?
"It's just mental mistakes. Guys make mistakes but we've just got to buckle down and concentrate on what we're trying to do and just do it."

It's only been three games but some of the guys have talked about Robert Marve as being a leader on this team. How has he gone about doing that and do you consider him a leader?
"Most definitely I think he's a leader. To do what eh did last week showed me a lot. He took the team down the field and we almost won it. I would call Robert Marve a leader."

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