Joseph: Finish, finish, finish is motto

Joe Joseph has been one of the big men stopping the run in the middle of Miami's defensive line this year. The junior defensive tackle has been contributing along with the other big men in the rotation up front. Read on to see what Joseph had to say about this week's game against FSU.

Antone Smith has been very successful this season running the ball. How do you guys plan on containing the Florida State ground attack?
"We go in every week and focus when looking at film. We're going to study him and study the offensive line and go out there and put up a good front."

How important is it to put pressure Christian Ponder early in the game?
"It's very important to put pressure on the quarterback and rattle him a little bit. It will be easier for our DBs to cover and it will control the game if we put pressure on him early and force them to rely on Antone Smith to run the ball."

You're an Orlando guy so you've been half way between the two schools for most of your life. What does this game mean to you?
"It's a big time game and a big time rivalry between Miami and Florida State. It's a very important game and a very fun game to play in."

What does the defense have to do to help finish out games?
"We've just got to stay poised and active like we do in the first half and the third quarter. We've just got to keep on playing like we know how to play. We've got to keep our intensity up the whole game. The key word around here is finish. Finish, finish, finish. That's what we're going to do."

This rivalry has had some great games between highly ranked teams. Do you think it matters that both teams are unranked going into this game?
"It's a big time rivalry. That's what you come to Miami for. That's why they go to Florida State. You want to play in the game between Florida State and Miami. It's a big time rivalry game every year and everybody always brings their best."

After last week's loss to North Carolina, how important is it to get your first ACC win this week?
"It's a very important game not just because it's a rivalry game but because we've got to get our first ACC win. We've got to get that train moving to have success in the ACC."

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