Coach Shannon talkin' football

Read on to see what Coach Shannon is saying about the Florida State game, the latest injury update, playing Jacory Harris at times, why he doesn't call certain players freshmen anymore, the ACC, recruiting quarterbacks, and much more.

This week is Florida State, a state rivalry for us. We're kind of excited to get back on track. The players responded very well in practice. They've been flying around and doing a great job of washing (the UNC game) out of their systems.

On UNC's final touchdown pass in the endzone:
Officials have to make calls. They have regular jobs like we do during the week. You have to accept what it is. If we did our job on the football field, we would not be in that situation. That games over with and we have to move forward.

On Robert Marve's development after three games:
Robert has done a tremendous job of learning what we're doing on offense. Coach Nix has done a tremendous job with him as a freshman. He's been getting the ball to different receivers each game, taking advantage of what people are trying to do to us. We like what he's been doing. He just has to stay focused, keep learning each week, and getting better.

On Jacory playing at times:
When we put Jacory in, Robert sits and sees what teams are changing from when he was in the game. Everyone changes (defensively) after they see what you're doing. He's able to see that so when he comes back in, he's right in rhythm.

On the status of Javarris James:
Javarris is doing well. He ran around yesterday at practice. His status .. we expect him back next week. The (status of the) rest (of the injured players) will depend on how they look on Thursday when we'll make a decision.

On FSU and UM having so many young players:
This is the type of game to develop those young players. Some of them have had early success like Thearon Collier, Travis Benjamin, Robert Marve, Sean Spence. Those guys are doing a great job. Also Brandon Harris. The thing we're stressing is that we're now going into the fifth game. We're not gonna keep calling you freshmen. They're now just young players who are helping us. We want to keep developing and eliminate mistakes as a team. We keep moving towards the future and we're seeing the progress. It takes time. I remember when Butch and I were here together back in the probation era. At one point (including in a 47-0 loss to Florida State in 1997), we had Edgerrin James, Dan Morgan, Damione Lewis, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, all those guys on the field together as true freshmen. You see how much the program changed during that era.

On USF being the top-ranked team in Florida:
It's different. The conference makes a big difference. Scheduling makes a big difference. You don't know who's gonna be at the height and who's gonna be down. Everyone is recruiting different types of players. You look at USF, FIU, those schools are recruiting more wide receivers. They're not using the fullbacks and tight ends as much. Then you got us and Florida State recruiting fullbacks and tight ends. Everyone is recruiting different types of players.

On the ACC:
The ACC is going in the right direction. We beat each other up in this conference. You can pick a team to win it all and the next thing you know, nobody expects them to win. There's a lot of competition in this conference. Look at the number one draft picks over the years. Over the last three years, the ACC probably has the most first round draft picks. We have players here. Everyone's coming to this conference to draft these kids. As teams, we're beating each other up.

On why the offenses in the ACC seem to struggle:
Each coach is different. They'll score a lot of points one week and then not much the next. When Tommy Bowden was at Tulane, he was scoring a lot of points running the spread offense. He came to the ACC and it didn't have the same ffect as he wanted it to be. It's a lot tougher to score points like that.

On the spread offense that seems to be becoming more and more common:
I had a discussion with another coach and we were saying how hard it is to find a true dropback quarterback these days. Most of the great athletes in high school are playing running back. In the spread offense, that quarterback is often a running back. A lot depends on what you can get through the recruiting process. (Your offensive plan) may change based on what you get in recruiting.

On Florida not putting out a lot of great QB prospects:
We were fortunate to get Marve and Jacory to fit what we do. Florida got Tebow at a great time and that's something they do. Finding a quarterback in Florida is kinda hard. A lot run the spread offense in high school in Florida and you may find a quarterback but he may not want to throw it downfield. It depends on what you're looking at.

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